We want to make sure your stay on Brač is amazing and full of great experiences. This is why we created eight to-do lists to keep you busy and entertained while on vacation! Check it out!

* When we say Nerežišća, we mean the entire municipality consisting of villages Dračevica, Donji Humac and of course – Nerežišća. It is situated in the inner parts of the island and is known for many interesting phenomenons. Here is our to-do list while in Nerežišća area.

#1 Cheer for the least pretty sheep on the fair.

Visit Gažul fair, on the road to Vidova gora, experience a real life of shepherds, and check out a sheep exhibition!

5 things to do

#2 Eat a cake (kolač) in front of the Cake (Koloč)

Koloč is a special kind of a rock named after a cake because of the similarity. Legend says if you walk under it, all your wishes will come true. The only thing is – there’s a huge pit underneath Koloč. So, you can at least eat a cake in front of the rock called the Cake. That’s a wish come true as well, isn’t it?


#3 Try vitalac without asking what it is! 

It is a Brač gastro specialty, and one of the best places to try it is in the Kopačina restaurant. Go ahead, take your chances, and enjoy. We’re sure you will!

#4 Make your own stone souvenir! 

Join a special tour with Idi & Vidi Brač travel agency and participate in a stone workshop with the art family Jakšić and learn how to make stone souvenirs.

#5 Drink wine from a barrel. 

Find a wine barrel in Senjković vineyard in Dračevica or Stina cellar in Bol and taste the best island wine!

5 things to do

Of course, there are many other things to do and see in Nerežišća area, let us know which one you think should be on this list!

Also, let us know how you liked it and how many things you’ve done! Post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #bestofbrac. 🙂