Our Friday five brings the top 5 festivals we look forward to this summer (and spring!), here on Brač. Write down the dates, you don’t want to miss them 😉 We’re mixing music, food, street art, films and more!

#1 SEA PEARL | 6 / 9 // 4 | SUPETAR

International culinary festival Sea Pearl is a gathering of the world’s greatest chefs coming from 15 European countries who in Supetar represent the world culinary trends, new skills, and knowledge. The event includes an international competition of professional chefs and junior chefs, different lectures, workshops, and presentations. Check it out here.

#2  IMENA | 23 / 25 //6 | BOL

Imena is the cultural festival that takes place every summer for the past few years in Bol. In the words of the organizers, “Cultural Festival Imena is the kind of multimedia-type meeting, which is a strong bond unites words, images, sounds, and of course, the inevitable good food”. Sounds very inviting, doesn’t it?


This music festival is a well-proven mix of eclectic music, beautiful location, the sound of waves, and hot summer nights! All lovers of good music and beach party should know this is the best place to spend a hot weekend in July! Voi’sa urban music festival takes place on Acapulco beach in Supetar. Check it out here.

#4 GRAFFITI NA GRADELE | 27 / 29 // 7 | BOL

How great this festival is, best shows the fact that they were just chosen as the best boutique festival of 2016! GNG is the biggest regional graffiti and street art festival, which has been organized every July since 2012, in Bol. It is a non-profit youth initiative that gathers graffiti writers, young designers, artists, skaters, and hip-hop musicians from all over the region and offers them a platform to present their work. Check it out here!

#5 BRAČ FILM FESTIVAL | 10 / 12 // 8 | SUPETAR

Brač Film Festival is an international film festival, taking place in Supetar for the third time this year.  In addition to the main program that consists of features and short films, you can also enjoy a children’s program, lectures, round table events, exhibitions as well as the entertainment and music program. Check it out here.

Brač will host much more music/film/etc. festivals whose dates we are yet to find out, so keep an eye on our events calendar if you don’t want to miss them!