You’ve probably heard about Zlatni rat beach, one of the most famous beaches in Europe. However, Brač is full of amazing bays and secluded beaches that don’t always get enough spotlight. It might be better that way, cause the thrill and joy of finding these little pieces of paradise and then enjoying their peacefulness is even greater! Still, since we are very generous, we wanted to share these hidden island gems with you.

So, here is our (very personal and in no way official or final) selection of 5 great beaches and bays on Brač, for you to explore this summer!

LUKE, photo by

PRAPATNA, photo by danijelamatulic

BOBOVIŠĆA, photo by magic_clique

LUČICE, photo by trgostan

MURVICA, photo by anuschae

P.S. Of course, we had to sneak in one more – Spilice bay near Sumartin, as our header 🙂 Photo by @adriadatabanka


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