Each Friday, we bring you a list of 5 things to do/see/try while you’re on Brač. This time, we’re taking you to Bol, home to one of the prettiest and coolest beaches in the world!

Here’s our list of 5 things to do while in Bol!

#1 Take a selfie at the top of Zlatni rat, with the beach behind you! 

After all, it is the most unique beach in the world!

Photo by nat_kul

#2 Find the wine bottle with the smallest label in the world! And drink it, of course! 

Here is a hint, visit Stina winery.

#3 Look for a “stone of happiness” on Zlatni Rat. 

Look for a stone that looks like a snail shell and the legend says you will gain a lifetime of happiness.

Photo by Nataša Hrabar

#4 Climb Vidova gora (wearing sneakers!) and wave to Italy! 

Vidova gora is the highest peak of the Adriatic islands and the view from it is just amazing! On a clear day, you are even able to see all the way to Italy! If you’re not so lucky, you still see pretty great places, like neighboring island Hvar, for example!

Photo by henrikkihakala

#5 Pretend you’re Daenerys and look for the dragons! 

Visit Dragon cave on a way to Murvica, and find out more about dragons from Brač.

Of course, there’s so much moooore to do and see in Bol, so let us know what you’d like to add to this list! Also, don’t forget to use #bestofbrac when posting on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! Make sure you download our free mobile app as well, to get the directions to all these places. 😉

Headline photo by Darko Čaleta.