Each Friday, we bring you a list of 5 things to do/see/try while you’re on Brač. This time, we’re showing you why Brač is the perfect choice for a summer vacation if you have kids! Here’s our list of 5 reasons why Brač is perfect for kids!



Summer on Brač is full of events, and many of them are created especially for the kids and not just local kids! There are many workshops available, so your kid can, for example, learn how to build a boat in a one week, or it can become a graffiti artist during Graffiti na gradele festival, or simply enjoy great films during two great film festivals, one in Supetar, and the other one in Postira.


We bet you don’t see sheep and goats that often, at your hometown, but you’ll see them here! But, we’d like to turn your attention to one of the most magical places on the entire island and beyond – Nature park Sutivan! They’ve been the favorite place of hundreds of children for many years and for good reason – it is a home of a wide variety of adorable animals, some very unusual and some very typical for Brač. Take your children here – it has playgrounds, amphitheater, and much more! We promise, they’ll love every minute.


More and more homeowners on Brač want to make sure your kids are safe and happy while staying at their apartments and villas, so they’ve been installing children’s playgrounds in their courtyards, to make sure you can relax and still keep an eye on your kids. Here is a great example of a kid-friendly apartment!

PHOTO BY hvidbak


You will probably have to drag them out of the sea once they get inside! Kids love beaches, sea, splashing around, snorkeling, exploring… And Brač is full of great beaches for kids – some with bigger rocks, some with sand, some secluded, some crowded. Wherever you choose to set up your beach towel, is a perfect spot actually. Just don’t forget to cover them with lots of sunscreens!

PHOTO BY anabacinger


Croatia in general is a very safe country. And smaller places, like islands where there’s only a couple of thousands of people living, are even safer. Yes, this number is multiplied many times during the summer season, but still – Brač is dominantly family destination and people are kind and welcoming and there is no serious crime ever happening. If you don’t trust us, see what Americans say!

As always, we could list at least a million reasons, not just five (for example, food is always a great reason why Brač is kid-friendly – you can be sure you’re feeding them locally grown and produced fruits and vegetables!), but we’ll stop here.

Let us know how your kids reacted to Brač if you’ve been here before, and make sure to take them to Nature park Sutivan if you haven’t already. Or if you have, go again.