Each Friday, we bring you a list of 5 things to do/see/try while you’re on Brač. This time, we’re taking you to lovely and very active Sutivan! Here’s our list of 5 things to do in Sutivan!

#1 Play pirates and go treasure hunting for the remains of a sinking ship! 

One of the biggest ancient shipwrecks happened near Sutivan, this is now a perfect place to go diving and exploring. But be careful, of course, and hire a professional to take you there! If this isn’t really your thing, we suggest you pay a visit to a National library in Sutivan and see some of the items that were found here, such as a very special stone dice

#2 Ride a pony! Ok, ok, or a donkey. 

Visit Nature park Sutivan and enjoy the ride. Or just pet it, they like to cuddle 😀

#3 Go on a bike ride around windy trails. 

Sutivan is the perfect place to go cycling and truly a bike-friendly destination, so find the cycling trails Maestral, Tramuntana, and Levant, learn their stories, and enjoy the wind in your hair! This may be a great exercise for the upcoming bike race – Uvati vitar, taking place in Sutivan this May!

#4 Live on the edge!

Choose some extreme sport to try out and start preparing for the best extreme sports festival – Vanka Regule 2018 (roughly translates as “Out of ordinary”)! The picture above was taken by Milan Šabić, at the Vanka Regule festival a few years back. 

#5 Drink your morning coffee like a local. 

Sip it for at least one hour, while gossiping about people passing by. The best place to do it is right on the promenade, in Bokuncin.

There is soooo much more to do and see in Sutivan, but we’ll stop here. Let us know what are your best picks for this lovely village, in the comments below!