Tours are the best way to really get to know a destination – with a little help of our tour guides which will let you in on all the secrets of this island, and more! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our selection, and, of course – book some of these tours!

#1 | 6 ISLANDS & BLUE CAVE | best of islands | 110€

This tour is truly a one day, whole day experience. It starts in Milna (or if you prefer, we can arrange transportation from Supetar!), and takes you on an amazing island-hopping adventure, involving six islands, one Lagoona and two caves! Explore Vis, Hvar, Palmižana, Budikovac, Biševo, Ravnik, Stiniva Bay, Green cave, and – the most inspiring Blue cave! We are blessed with the most amazing natural phenomenons, islands, bays, and beaches, and this is the perfect tour to grasp just how refreshing and inspiring nature can be! Make sure you bring your swimsuit because you’ll definitely want to dive into the wonders you’ll see!


Photo by Sanja Baković

#2 | MYSTICAL ISLAND | best of history | 110€

Let us take you on a walk through the history of this island, to the mysterious Blaca desert (yes, we have a desert in the middle of the island!) and even more enchanting Dragon cave in Murvica. You’ll need some good walking shoes and sunscreen, cause this walking tour will take you to the lovely bays and beaches as well, for a short break of all the magic we’ll show you! You won’t believe the things you’ll see, so there’s no point in explaining them, it really is something you must see for yourself.


#3 | MILNARSKI SAFARI | best off the road | 110€

If you want to discover the traditional way of island living, then this one is for you. Explore old places, enjoy historical sites, and learn about the art of stone. Taste the local food, enjoy panoramic views, and feel the variety of beautiful landscapes. Discover hidden roads and treasures and at the and don’t forget to ask for more! This tour is catered by a lovely young family whose jams we bet you’ll love!


#4 | KAYAKING AMONG THE ISLANDS | best of adventure | 90€

Wouldn’t it be great to hop in a kayak and row away from one island o the other? With this tour you can! We’ll take you all the way to the island Šolta, show you hidden bays and amazing cliffs, and even treat you to a picnic! Bring your swimming gear, some hat, and sunscreen. We’ll take care of the rest.


#5 | GASTRONOMY, CULTURE, HISTORY, SEA & MORE | best of Brač | 90€

We tried to collect the best bits and pieces of this island into one tour. It is simply impossible. So, we chose our favorites and this is what we’ve come up with. First, we’ll take you where it all started – in the oldest village on the island, an open-air museum, so to say. There, we’ll feed you to some of the finest local products. We’ll give you some time to digest it, while swimming and sunbathing at the only sandy beach on Brač. Once you’re all relaxed, we’ll take you to Pučišća – the center of the island’s stonemasonry tradition, to show you how people of Brač built the White house. After the prettiest small place in Europe, you’ll visit the prettiest viewpoint ever – one from where you’ll see the most amazing beach in Europe, and maybe even wave to Italy! Not bad, right?


Which one sounds the best to you? Let us know! And don’t forget to send us pics from your adventures!