Kalaton is an interesting sporting event taking place in Milna, the biggest harbor on the island of Brač. This year, you get the chance to participate in its third edition, and here are five reasons why you should!


The idea behind this competition is quite simple, yet genius – why wouldn’t we all run through the old streets of the village?! This explains the name behind the evet – the word kalaton was made by chance out of the words marathon and kala (street), two basic notions that describe this sports competition.


Kalaton was created to present the town of Milna to participants in an unusual way and to create new running tracks. This makes the competition interesting physically and culturally. Participants are running through the small rocky streets in old Dalmatian villages, which are mostly not passable by car.



The route of Kalaton is set in a way that it connects old parts of the village with the new ones, passes by schools, churches and other cultural sights all the way from start to finish. This makes the participants see and learn about the history of the town from a completely different and unusual perspective. There are different types of kalas; some of them are concrete, some are paved with pebbles, some are made out of earth and stone. The participants can get to know numerous old and modern ways of paving the streets.

The route sections are partially flat, partially uphill, and some of them pass through stairs which makes the competition a little bit harder but much more interesting.


This competition is not meant for the professional runners – it is open to anyone willing to participate, making it more approachable to guests of Milna who are vacationing there. Entries can be made up until the day of the race, at noon, so waste no time, apply now, and leave with a long-lasting memory of a fun time running through old streets of a small Dalmatian harbor!


Most sporting events on Brač are, but there’s something different about Milna, in general. This lovely place is unusually active and vivacious, especially during summer days, always coming up with new ideas, new workshops, events, parties… This event is no different. Somehow, you just know you’ll have a lot of fun participating, and of course, there’s always something to eat afterwords 😉


So, if you want to be a part of this lovely event, please click here for more information about participating!

Photos by Studio Gabrić.