We are proud to present to you the FREE All In Brač mobile guide! This app provides you with personalized recommendations on where to eat, play, and stay – all you need while visiting Brač!



All in Brač

Browse our selection of restaurants, attractions, information, excursions, and more in just a few easy steps. Get the right information, and explore Brač! This app does not require any login or connecting through your social media accounts. This way, you are completely safe and browsing is much simpler! All important information is simply sorted according to the respective categories. If you want to book accommodation, dance in the best clubs, try the best food in the best restaurants, tour the most interesting Brač attractions, everything is available with just a few taps! Place, date and time of all concerts, cultural and entertainment events, working hours of shopping centers, photographs, a detailed description of all facilities…

All in Brač

This app gives you the opportunity of direct contact – via call, SMS, e-mail, website, or Facebook page. There are no special fees or commission for making reservations through the app! You can directly book a dinner at your favorite restaurant, accommodation in the best villa, or arrange a boat trip around the Adriatic island – without the interference of travel agencies or extra commissions!

All in Brač

It’s simple, it’s useful, it’s [almost] all you need for your stay on Brač!

The application will be useful to local people as well! And to all those looking for information about the events, shops, ATMs and the like.