Help us find the most romantic kissing spot of the year! We have selected some of the most romantic places on Brač as perfect kissing spots to take a picture with a breathtaking background! Stop by all of them, take a picture (kissing someone, of course) and upload it on social media of your choosing, while using our hashtag #bestofbrac. 🙂

1. Vidova gora

The highest peak of the Adriatic islands is a perfect place for taking pictures, enjoying the fresh air and the magnificent view of the Adriatic, and if you’re lucky and the day is nice, even Italy! Climb up the hill, find a perfect spot (maybe one with the Golden Horn in the background?), and…. mwa! 

2. The top of Golden Horn

Climb down from Vidova Gora, put on some bathing suit, flip flops and a hat, and stroll down the Golden Horn, all the way to its peak. Leave everybody behind and stand on the very last small stone of this amazing beach, with your loved one, and… mwa!

3. “Koloč

This natural phenomenon makes your wishes come true and if that’s not enough of an explanation for you, we don’t know what is! 🙂 Take your loved one there, make a wish, and… mwa! 

4. Brač Cathedral

Church so magnificent it was named a cathedral of the island Brač – a sight to see! Probably not what you might expect to see on a list such as this one, but still, glancing at this piece of art and architecture will surely make you all smooshy and romantic, so why not enjoy it and… mwa!

5. Povlja’s lintel

This important part of Brač history stands proudly in Povlja, on the north-east side of the island. It makes a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, for example, but you don’t have to go that far, a simple kiss would be more than enough. Hop on the threshold and… mwa!

6. Mausoleum Petrinović

Ok, this one is for the weirdos out there. It might be somewhat inappropriate to kiss on a cemetery, but don’t think of it like that – there is also a nice path just below the cemetery, so you don’t have to actually enter the graveyard, but still, see this outstanding piece of architecture. So, admire it for a while, and… mwa!

7. Fishermen’s boat

What better kissing location than the waves, while sailing off to the sunset? Kindly ask a local fisherman to take you and your loved one for a ride and… mwa!

8. Franz Joseph’s bridge

It’s in the middle of nowhere, yet still pretty amazing. It will bedazzle your mind and leave you wondering why and who and for what. Think about it for a second and… mwa!

9. Lovrečina beach

The only sand beach on the island deserves to be put on any list, especially this one! The shallow sea gives great opportunities for some sea games and fooling around with your loved one (but, not that kind of fooling around!). So, enjoy a game of picigin for a while and… mwa!

10. Blaca Monastery

Old school inside a monastery, the small church next to it, huge piano in the living room, unusual cooking place in the kitchen, shady terrace in front of the monastery… This place is full of interesting bits and pieces as well as places to kiss and be kissed. However, we suggest you climb up the hill just in front of the Blaca monastery, from where you’ll get the best view. Find your spot and… mwa!

Finally, all of the Brač is a perfect kissing spot! Therefore, don’t hold back your kisses and save them only for these 10! Rather, use every single opportunity to celebrate love and life and make the best of your stay on island Brač!