Shopping is an essential part of any trip, but don’t do it the old fashioned way – buying cheap, plastic bags and clothes or god-forbid plastic souvenirs made far far away from Brač! You don’t want to be that kind of tourist now, do you?! Be fashionable instead, while supporting the small business of Brač!

Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a small collection of amazing Brač products you can take back home with you and be proud of them. Starting with our favorites – fashion & style items! 🙂


#1 Original jewelry

Now here’s something you won’t be able to say no to. Whether it is stone earrings made by Puška, silver rings created by Jakšić family of artists, necklaces made out of olive wood, or a piece of an island captured inside a resin, the choice is yours! Whichever you choose, be proud of the fact that you now own an original piece of jewelry, locally sourced and produced! Kudos to you!


Pictured: (1) precious and semi-precious stones with silver, by Ida Stipčić Jakšić, available at Jakšić gallery in Donji Humac; (2) island shapes in resin, by Blootal, available at Bračka sirena souvenir shop in Pučišća.


#2 Brač clothing and fashion

There are a few amazing local fashion designers and seamstresses making cute little pieces you’ll love to wear even after the summer is over! For a wide selection of dresses, jackets, shirts, etc. check out WatchMe CatchMe, for lovely pompom enhanced creations check out Pompom’s by S and for original bag designs, as well as printed T-shirts, look for Idi&Vidi!


Oh, the possibilities! And it gets better! If you own a Brač Pass, you even get great discounts on most of the products shown here! So treat yourself to some great Brač fashion and make your friends jealous 😉 Or even better, buy them something as well!


Pictured: (1) PomPom’S, available at La Croix Royal and SAXX in Split, at DboxX in Zagreb, Tiramol in Zadar or per request in Sutivan; (2) WatchMe CatchMe, available at DboxX, Tiramol or per request; (3) Idi & Vidi boutique travel agency, available upon request, in Supetar

So, which one is your favorite?