It’s a centuries-long dispute among two islands – Brač and Šolta, about the third small island, not bigger than a regular house. Mrduja is its name and it is situated just in between these two islands creating arguments about which it belongs to. So, the fishermen had an idea – why don’t we just try to pulling it and see who wins! So, every year, fishermen and sailors from both islands gather, tie a knot around the island, and pull! 

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Dozens of small boats appear on each side, connected with a strong rope, pulling an entire island to one or the other side! Of course, the island doesn’t move one bit, but a winner is announced every year, taking over the ownership of the island for the following year, as well as bragging rights.



At 17.00h, the ‘Polaris’ command ship moves first, and all the small boats head on to pull Mrduja.

At 18.00h, boats return to Milna where the winner will be announced, accompanied by the music of Brass band Olinta from Šolta.

The main feast of this year is in Milna, at Žalo, starting at 22.00, and the band Norton will perform.

Anyone who wants to can participate in pulling of Mrduja.

If someone has their own ship or knows someone who has one, they then just sail with it and join the event. If you wish, your boat can be signed up at the Tourist board of Milna (with the registration of the ship as well as the name and surname of the owner) and for this you get one free T-shirt from Mrduja.

If you don’t have your own boat, go to the Tourist board of Milna to buy tickets for the Polaris command boat and go with it.

Price for commanding boat:

children 0-2 years: free of charge,

children 2-7 years: 30 kuna,

older than 7 years: 60 kuna.

We recommend the earlier purchase since there are not many tickets left!

If somebody wants to buy T-shirts from Mrduja, that can also be done at the TZO Milna office. The T-shirt price is 40 kuna.

So, who’s coming to this unique event?


We do not own these photos, they are taken by Studio Gabrić, feel free to check out their work here!