Wow, do we have a treat for you! We’ve assembled the list of amazing music events for you to enjoy while on Brač! But, the list is soooo long, so we’re only presenting you the biggest events, and for the rest of them, you’ll have to check out our event calendar!

….and all that jazzzz

First up is the amazing Saša Jakelić & The moonlight jazz band, playing in Selca. In more than two decades of his career, Saša Jakelić was singing pop, opera and a capella music, and you get a chance to hear some of that next Saturday! Click here to see more about the event.

saša jakelić

…and more of jazzzzz

If Selca are not on your way, maybe Milna is! Oridano GJ band will fill Milna’s port with amazing jazz sounds and lift you from your seats and into the dance floor! Don’t miss out! Click here for more info about the event.


…turn the beat up

Next up is the amazing event that has been filling summer days and night in Bol with great art and music – Graffiti na Gradele! After enjoying the works of many great graffiti artists, bust a move on a dancefloor listening to a long lineup of hip hop musicians! Click here for more info about the event!


…o sole miooo

And if hip hop’s not your cup of tea, maybe a strong tenor voice is? Join the crowd in Selca, while enjoying the songs of one of the best Croatian tenors, Marko Škugor, on tour “Sounds of the Mediterranean”! Click here for more info about the event.


…they will rock your socks off!

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, maybe “Heart of the sun” festival is just what you’ve been missing! Festival takes place on the beach called Treće Lučice, a bit further from the centre of Pučišća. So, don’t be afraid of singing loud and enjoying yourself! Click here for more info about the event.


…welcome to funky town

This music festival is a well proven mix of eclectic music, beautiful location, sound of waves and hot summer nights! Visit Voi’sa and shake it to the sounds of funk, soul, latin, dub, reggae, disco, boogie, house an electronic music! Click here for more info about the event.


…mix it up!

If you won’t be able to make it to any of these, no worries! Many clubs around the island work every night, such as Grikula in Pučišća. Stop by anytime from 21 to 5 and have a nice time!


Of course, this is not all Brač has to offer! There are many concerts throughout the summer, all over the island! Keep an eye on International summer music school Pučišća, as well as different clubs around the island. So, click on our event calendar and pick your place to dance the night away! 😉 And send us some pics, of course!