In the sea of beautiful and colorful images of island Brač on Instagram (thank you all for using our hashtag #bestofbrac), our attention caught one account with only black and white pictures. Behind it is Croatian native, Andreas Kovačić (42), switching from residing in Germany as well as Croatia’s capital. He’s taking every opportunity to visit island Brač and Bol, where he has a house, to enjoy holidays with his girlfriend and take amazing photos of this world-famous little place. And these images, black and white, are some of the prettiest ones we’ve seen of Bol! Here’s our selection of some of his work. Enjoy!

black black black BLACK

We kindly ask you once again to use our hashtag #bestofbrac while posting on different social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whichever you’d like, to show us your vision of our beautiful island. We will repost the ones we like the most. And be creative! Who knew black and white pictures of such a colorful island would be so amazing. Thank you!

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