Instagram is an amazing place. It gives us insight into what places you like and what you find interesting on our lovely island of Brač. Usually, it’s the bits and pieces us islanders don’t even notice, so it gives us great pleasure to explore what you love our island and in a way, it gives us an opportunity to see it through your eyes as well! And the island we saw through Roman’s eyes and his drawings is truly wonderful. Meet Roman Wrooblewski – an artist, architect, designer and illustrator, who spends his vacation on Brač creating little works of art. Enjoy his drawings of two places on Brač and without looking at the caption, try to guess which ones are they!

places places

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Do you have any drawings you would like to share with us? We’d love to see them! Also, we kindly ask you once again to use our hashtag #bestofbrac while posting on different social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whichever you’d like, to show us your vision of our beautiful island. We will repost the ones we like the most. Thank you!