People go on vacations to relax – that is their, or at least our, primary goal. To sip on some lemonade, beer or cocktail, lay by the beach, and just relax. Of course, this excludes evenings when all you want to do is soak up the island’s nightlife and dance the stress of work and your everyday life away.

However, to fully relax your body (and mind!), there’s one thing which always helps – massage. You’re in luck, cause we know just the place to have one. Or two. Or one of each they offer 😉

With a tradition of business dating back to the early ’90s, you can be sure that Beauty salon Derma only provides the best service for their customers, or else they wouldn’t still be one of the best beauty spots on the island, 20 plus years later! We wouldn’t recommend just anybody 😉

Here, you may choose among six types of massage services:

(1) facial, neck & neckline massage

(2) sports massage

(3) relaxing massage

(4) aromatherapy massage

(5) maderotherapy

(6) vacuum massage

All services are fully recommended by our team who often chooses to end a working day with a massage treatment at Derma. Luckily, they are so close to our office 😉


Sports, relax, aromatherapy, maderotherapy & vaccum

20 min | 90 HRK

30 min | 130 HRK

40 min | 200 HRK

60 min | 250 HRK

Face, neck & neckline

20 min | 100 HRK

Find them in Supetar, at Put pašika 5D, or call to schedule an appointment at +385 21 631 744.

P.S. Beauty salon Derma offers many services, such as mechanical face cleaning, pedicure, manicure, cellulite treatments and much much more!