Christmas is so close and you still don’t know what to get for your loved ones?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Skip shopping malls and stroll around lovely streets of Brač in search of a perfect present – or presents!

We’ve assembled a list of truly amazing gifts, all imagined and produced on Brač. Buying them, you won’t just make your loved ones happy but you will also be supporting local production and artists. And for this, we thank you.


Making time for your family is easier with a calendar, right? How about this truly innovative, one of a kind, calendar made of stone?! Created by Jakšić family, this work of art proved to be one of the best selling items in their gallery  in Split.  It is made from three types of Brač stone – Veselje, Rasotica & Sivac. Quantities are limited, so make sure to get your’s on time!

We’re hanging around Jakšić gallery for a bit longer. What can you do, we can’t make up our mind – we want it all! Next on our list is a true classic – stone flowers. It is an award-winning flower in an appropriate Christmas version. Christmas star, in variants with one, three or five flowers, is made in combination with four types of stone. These were even used for the inauguration of the first Croatian female president! 

We’ll finish our love letter to Jakšić gallery with the most unique Christmas card you’ll ever see! Once again, made with stone and a pinch of true genius as well as a very tasty chocolate – produced by Nadalina. Surprise someone with this interesting greeting puzzle that turns into a stone pine with minimal intervention! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Of course, this is not nearly all that Jakšić has to offer, so check out their official Facebook page for more info!


There’s a lot you can do with olive trees. Not only do they produce the best olive oil EVER, they also serve as a great inspiration to local craftsmen. Some of them use the stumps and logs to create wonderful jewelry, some to create items you can put in use in your everyday routine, keeping the feeling of Brač with you forever.

Dido handmade items are just that – perfect creations made from olive wood (and other kinds of wood), very thoughtfully planned and carved. Such is the item presented above – cycling bag for your pet on two wheels! The first one is made from walnut wood with applied leather, and the second from olive wood also with applied leather. But that’s not all! If your bike has a handy bag, you should have one to!

This unique bag (as is any other item you can find in Dido’s gallery in Pučišća) is made from a single piece of walnut branch, which is hollowed and then applied with leather which is partly buried. Leather is hand-sewn. This one is already sold (of course), but don’t worry – you can order a brand new, made just for you!

For those around you that just loooove to cook, here are couple of ideas – Oliver olive wood souvenirs produces much more than just souvenirs! You can choose among pens, jewelry, kitchen utensils, boxes or art pieces – all crafted in a lovely workshop in Mirca! Since the shop is closed during the winter, we suggest contacting the craftsmen directly, here.


We try very hard not to put food and drinks at the top of every list we make. We just can’t get enough of it. Once you try Brač wine and food, you can’t go back. Here are our picks for you.

When a former football player and a poet combine forces, something interesting must come as a result. And it sure did. Senjković family runs a charming winery, located in the very heart of the island. Selecting only the best grapes, carefully aged in oak barrels and creating stunning labels, they fulfill all the criteria of an amazing wine tasting experience! They’ll maybe even deliver your wine in a charming fashion – on a motorbike!

You will not go wrong if you choose a nice dinner as a present for your loved ones. Love goes through stomach, doesn’t it? 🙂 Also, you will not go wrong if you choose any of the restaurants on our GASTRO list.


But, wait, there’s more! 😉 Browse our website for ideas and keep in mind – most of the stores are closed for the winter, but you can still contact the owners, easy and for free, through our website and buy from them directly.


Let us end by saying – Christmas is not about giving presents – it’s about spending time with your loved ones and making sure they know how much they mean to you. Presents are just the easiest way to show it, but not the only 😉 We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!