Be a part of Brač adventure!

For all those interested in adventure, excitement and sports, Brač is the right place for you. There are many natural resources to be discovered and tried out. Whether you are a fan of  inland and woods or maybe sea and sea activities, you will find something of your interest.

Snorkelling, climbing, kayaking, Robinson tourism, safari tours and cycling tours, are just a part of what this island is offering.

Take a look at some of our suggestions for you to do on Brač and have fun!


  1. Amor Wellness & Spa center

    Amor Wellness & Spa center
    If you wish to experience a relaxing, stress release surrounded by the scent of essential oils, a comprehensive system of facial and body treatments, unique rituals and regenerative massages, Amor Wellness & Spa is the right place for you! Thanks to their experts and cutting edge equipment, they can offer you a wide range of treatments that include: Classical, relaxation, sports, Amor Relax, vulcanic stones,... Learn More

    +385 (0)21 606 636

    Location: Supetar

  2. Jakšić gallery

    Jakšić gallery
    This unique family consists of 4 academically educated artists, who display their work in Gallery Jakšić. First exhibition in the gallery was by "Master" Lovre in 1960. It is located in the courtyard of the family house in Donji Humac on the island Brač. Design and construction of the gallery was done by Dražen, also a family member, in cooperation with architect Jerko Rošin. Today, gallery... Learn More

    WH: 09-21h

    +385 (0)98 701 903

    Location: Donji Humac

  3. Azzurro olive shop

    Azzurro olive shop
    This sweet little shop - Azzurro olive shop, is located in the center of Supetar. It is decorated with love for island Brač. They offer you handmade products with the perfect taste of Dalmatia. You can taste free samples, such as different kinds of olive oil, homemade jams, arancini (traditional Dalmatian sweets) and more. Other than treats for your stomach, you will also find treats... Learn More


    Location: Supetar

  4. Nature Park Sutivan

    Nature Park Sutivan
    Nature park Sutivan is the perfect place to take a trip with your family. In the area of 12,000 square meters, there are various activities for you to do. Engage in walking tours to experience beautiful scenery that surrounds you. You can even see a botanical area with large number of different sorts of fruit, herbs and olive trees, and a wide variety of animal spieces... Learn More

    +385 (0)98 1722 372

    Location: Sutivan

  5. Firmir Rent Supetar – Rent a bike

    Firmir Rent Supetar – Rent a bike
    Getting around the island of Brač on a bike is a pleasure for all senses, both on marked paths or through the old town streets which will introduce you to the rich culture, traditions and gastronomy of the island. We offer more than 50 bikes - various models branded Cube and Trek. Optional equipment according to your needs Possibility of daily or weekly rent Affordable... Learn More

    WH: 08-23h

    00385 95 521 76 11

    Location: Supetar

  6. Rent a Motorino

    Rent a Motorino
    Rent a Motorino has over 15 years experience in providing services of renting a scooter, ATV and buggy vehicles and organizes ATV and buggy safari trips on the island and other places in Croatia. If you want to experience a wild side of Brač here is your opportunity with Motorino. Rent a UTV (Utility vehicle), or ATV (all-terrain vehicle), and explore Brač in slightly different way,... Learn More

    WH: 07-22 h

    +385(0) 95 903 6430

    Location: Supetar

  7. Puška stone souvenirs (Supetar shop)

    Puška stone souvenirs (Supetar shop)
    If we'd have to choose only one thing to present island Brač, it would be the stone. This nature's gift keeps on giving and makes the best resource for many different things - it is used as building material, also for the production of charming jewelry or fancy house supplies such as clocks, ashtrays, vases, bowls and many other! And where else to get some... Learn More

    WH: 9-21h

    Location: Supetar

  8. Puška stone souvenirs

    Puška stone souvenirs
    If we'd have to choose only one thing to present island Brač, it would be the stone. This nature's gift keeps on giving and makes the best resource for many different things - it is used as building material, also for the production of charming jewelry or fancy house supplies such as clocks, ashtrays, vases, bowls and many other! And where else to get some... Learn More

    WH: 9-21h

    Location: Pučišća

  9. Brač Excursions

    Brač Excursions
    If you love island hopping, Brač Excursions is a name you should definitely remember! This agency specialized in making the best of your stay in Dalmatia, by creating an amazing tour of six islands - Biševo, Vis, Ravnik, Budikovac, St.Clements islands and Hvar, all starting from Milna, on island Brač. This day-long tour will make you want to move to the island and never leave! A... Learn More

    WH: 0-24h

    +385 (0)91 263 6805

    Location: Milna

  10. Thalasso Wellness

    Thalasso Wellness
    The Wellness Centre Thalasso covers a surface of 4,000 m2 with saunas, a water world and a relaxation zone. The Wellness program includes a rich selection of classical and exotic treatments based on the benefits of seawater. Guests have pools and whirlpools with seawater at their disposal, as well as treatments based on ingredients from the sea. By using natural ingredients available from its immediate... Learn More

    +385 21 306 200

    Location: Bol

  11. Airport Brač

    Airport Brač
    The idea to build Brač airport occurred in December 1990, and the company itself was established and registered on 22 May 1992. This makes it the youngest among all Croatian airports. In that time, one of the questions was: for whom airport will be built and what should be its function? Primarily the airport was built for the needs of tourist economy as well as... Learn More

    WH: 08-18h

    +385 (0)21 559 711

    Location: Bol

  12. Senjković wines

    Senjković wines
    Senjković family is one of those families you fall in love with and whose enthusiasm stays with you long after you've left the island. Their charming winery, located in the very heart of the island, is a result of a great passion for each bottle of wine they produce. Selecting only the best grapes, carefully aged in oak barrels and creating stunning labels, they fulfill all the... Learn More

    WH: Reservations needed!h

    +385 (0)98 461 506

    Location: Dračevica

  13. Milnarski Safari Tour

    Milnarski Safari Tour
    Milnarski safari tour lets you experience family farm story by exploring beauties and traditions of the island which have provided us with the best home made products that you can enjoy during this special tour. Discover traditional ways of island living by  visiting old town Donji Humac with stone quarring and family workshops for stone processing. Visit the oldest place on island, Škrip and small family ''Museum... Learn More

    +385 (0)92 341 5311

    Location: Milna

  14. Atlas Supetar | travel agency

    Atlas Supetar | travel agency
    ATLAS Supetar, a travel agency with longtime experience in tourism offers you great choice of excursions and other services on island of Brač. We are organising excursions on the other Dalmatian islands like Hvar and Vis and also trips to historical cities of Split, Dubrovnik and Trogir. In our offer you will also find excursions to famous Croatian national parks, Krka and Plitvice Lakes. We... Learn More

    WH: 09-16h

    +385 21 631 105

    Location: Supetar

  15. Beauty salon Relax

    Beauty salon Relax
    Beauty salon Relax has been working successfully for ten years. It is located in the near center of Supetar (between bank and post office). With private parking and a relaxing atmosphere, helpful staff is at your disposal. Salon has a separate room with two places for a massage. Beauty salon Relax clients enjoy the services of the best brands such as OPI, Crystal nails, GEHWOL,... Learn More


    Location: Supetar

  16. Afitat rent a boat

    Afitat rent a boat
    Relax and explore a wide selection of motorboats for rent in Bol on the Island Brač. Afitat provides first quality and high performance speedboats. Their offer also includes most attractive boat excursions (island Vis tour, big game fishing, island Hvar tour etc.), boat transfers to/from airport Split, Brač, Makarska, Vis etc., skipper training, the best selection of villas and apartments. BOAT TRANSFERS   If you... Learn More


    Location: Bol

  17. Taxi Bepo

    Taxi Bepo
    Taxi Bepo from Supetar will take you wherever you need to go! They offer transfer services as well as excursions, so check them out! Visit their website or contact them directly through our form, without and hidden costs. You can also find them in our free mobile app and call them directly. Download our app here. Learn More

    WH: 0-24h


    Location: Supetar

  18. M&B Rent

    M&B Rent
    M&B rent specializes in renting cars, mopeds or boats. It is located in Supetar where you can directly take a car as soon as you step off the ferry boat. If you are planning to stay a few days on the island renting a vehicle is a great way to discover the island whether you are traveling with family, partner, friends or alone. M&B has... Learn More

    WH: 07 - 22h

    +385 (0)91 250 9491

    Location: Supetar

  19. Yoga with Ági

    Yoga with Ági
    Certified yoga teacher gives individual or small group classes, in different styles. On the beach, in MOONKIKI WINDSURFING STATION – or at your place in SUPETAR!   WHEN, WHERE, HOW? Sunrise or sunset time – or any time you fix it in advance Hatha, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, or on SUP board! Beginner or advanced classes, from 9 to 109 years   MORE INFO CONTACT and BOOK YOUR CLASS: Ágnes... Learn More

    +36 70 320 2887

    Location: Supetar

  20. Taxi Tino

    Taxi Tino
    Do not worry about driving, time tables or long rows, call Taxi Tino and manage around the island at any time.  Or find us at Supetar port! Learn More


    Location: Supetar

  21. Souvenir shop Postira

    Souvenir shop Postira
    This souvenir shop is located in the heart of Postira. They offer you many homemade products, a whole palette of their homemade virgin olive oil, stone and wood souvenirs. Their goal is to create an original product of the island, which guarantees that the customers always get quality products, made with organic and integrated manufacturing methods, protected geographical indications and traditional way of preparation, with... Learn More


    Location: Postira

  22. Grikula family business

    Grikula family business
    Grikula family successfully runs many different business. They own a restaurant, olive oil factory, accommodation renting, night club managing, souvenir shop, boat rentals, and one that is probably the most popular - their bakery!  They also rent boats and organize scuba lessons, since the son in law is an experienced apneist! During summer night you may enjoy their delicious donuts, freshly baked and sold in... Learn More

    WH: 09-24h

    +385 (0)98 942 4007

    Location: Pučišća

  23. Stina Winery

    Stina Winery
    The island of Brač is unique and famous for its white stone, but also for numerous artists who lived and created on the island. This is why we chose the name STINA (stone) for our wine. In the Dalmatian dialect, this word means stone, the strongest symbol of the island Brač. These wines are an inspiration. They awaken the creative spark that chisels a sculpture from a block of... Learn More

    +385 (0)21 306 220

    Location: Bol

  24. Olive Wood Souvenirs Oliver

    Olive Wood Souvenirs Oliver
    We like to say - when in China, buy Chinese. When on Brač, support local manufacturers and buy local souvenirs! And here is one we really like - Mojmir produces amazing objects out of carved olive wood. Brač is well known for its olive oil production, but that is not all you can do with this amazing plant! We suggest you stop by Olive wood souvenir... Learn More

    +385 (0)95 908 1511

    Location: Supetar

  25. Firmir Rent Supetar – Rent a Boat

    Firmir Rent Supetar – Rent a Boat
    Rent a boat for your active holiday on the island of Brač – town of Supetar. Possibilty of renting fishing equipment for big game fishing and water skis for an even more active holiday. BOATS ................................................................................................................................................................................. Larson Senza 186 (6 m, Volvo 200 hp, 8 people) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Quicksilver active 755 (7.55 m, Mercury 300 hp, 12 people ( only with skipper )) ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… TAHOE Q4... Learn More

    WH: 08-23h

    00385 95 521 76 11

    Location: Supetar

  26. Karijola adventure travel

    Karijola adventure travel
    Just for a moment, forget everything you know so far about the traveling, relax and let Karijola adventure travel take you through a whole new experience. Through hiking around the island, they'll get you out of the everyday life and familiarize you with island Brač, its natural and cultural beauty, people, their customs and culinary specialties. This mode of travel allows you to get to... Learn More


    Location: Supetar

  27. Olive oil museum

    Olive oil museum
    Located in the oldest settlement on the island, picturesque small village of Škrip, within the municipality of Supetar, this museum is truly an amazing place for all the olive oil lovers interested in the traditional ways and history of olive oil production. And that's not all - here you can not only see how it was made, you can also taste the olive oil, cheese... Learn More

    WH: 09-20h

    +385 (0)95 811 4643

    Location: Škrip

  28. Stone souvenirs Novaković

    Stone souvenirs Novaković
    Pučišća is a coastal town and a municipality on the island of Brač in Croatia. It is often listed as one of the prettiest villages in Europe.It is known for its white lime stone and beautiful bay. Many of the buildings are built with local stone, and so are the numerous monuments which adorn the town. Stone has long been a major part of Pučišćas... Learn More

    WH: 07-23h

    +385 99 516 1111

    Location: Pučišća

  29. Jadrolinija

    Jadrolinija is Croatia’s largest liner shipping company for the maritime transport of passengers and vehicles, with a hundred year long tradition. Jadrolinija has rendered booking and ticketing possible for its guests at their own place of residence, as its sales network comprehend all the tourists generating countries: Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Poland, Great Britain, France, Belgium and Australia. Besides at the agencies, all... Learn More

    +385 21 63 13 57

    Location: Supetar

  30. Pedicure salon Ana

    Pedicure salon Ana
    Pedicure Salon Ana is a place where you can relax in a comfortable ambiance and enjoy the relaxing treatments. Salon is located in the city center of Supetar, by the ferry port. You can enjoy these treatments yourself or you can make it a perfect present as a gift certificate for your loved ones. Visit the salon and choose from a wide selection of health... Learn More


    Location: Supetar

  31. Taxi service Miki

    Taxi service Miki
    Taxi service Miki in Bol offers premium service to all their customers! The car is comfortable, clean, and with free Wi-Fi for all the passengers, and the driver is very professional. During your travel, you will be provided with all the information you need and more! They can also provide transfer for the larger groups. You can go on an excursion with taxi Miki and... Learn More


    Location: Bol

  32. Train station Split

    Train station Split
    Getting to Croatia is easy and if you decide to hop on a train and travel with a view, here you will find all the information you need, on how to reach Croatia and island Brač via train! There are many lines between Croatia and the following countries: HUNGARY | SLOVENIA | ITALY | GERMANY | SWITZERLAND | SERBA All trains go to Zagreb and... Learn More

    +385 1 3782 583

    Location: Train station Split

  33. Taxi Santo Bol

    Taxi Santo Bol
    Taxi Santo Bol services on the island of Brac Taxi Santo Bol offers you taxi services on the island of  Brač and transfers to the airport Split. With the reservation of the accommodation in Santo agency , you get 10% discount on taxi services. To make booking please send the email on the following address: Or call numbers 00385 (0) 91 522 9923 or 00385 (0)... Learn More

    WH: 07-24h

    00385 (0) 91 522 9923

    Location: Bol

  34. OLINTA rent-a-boat/day trips

    OLINTA rent-a-boat/day trips
    Rent OLINTA for a day tour for family and friends and you will surely enjoy the best day of your vacation, and visit Brač Hvar or Šolta. daily tours for up to 10 people from your place of stay the tour begins at your desired time(usually 9-10 am) you can determine the places and locations you'd like to visit during the tour it's planned to... Learn More

    WH: 07-23h

    00385 91 2098 552

    Location: Milna

  35. Fun Dive Club

    Fun Dive Club
    Fun Dive club diving center started in 2003 - since then we have trained approximately 1500 new divers and dived together with more than 4500 certified divers. We bubbled out about 80 million liters of air and traveled around 30 thousand kilometers. And all of that done for only one reason – to show you the beauty of underwater world, and something even more interesting:... Learn More

    WH: 08-19h

    +385 98 130 7384

    Location: Supetar

  36. Rooftop bar

    Rooftop bar
    If you are looking for a place to enjoy hot summer days, visit Rooftop bar at hotel Osam. The bar is all about taking it easy and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere or simply enjoying the unique island lifestyle. The bar is overlooking the sea and the port of Supetar, tempting pool scenes, and it reveals a great style, attention to detail and personal service. Let this... Learn More

    WH: 1.05. - 1.10.h

    +385 (0)21 552 333

    Location: Supetar

  37. Island Spa

    Island Spa
    You are looking for a place to experience pure indulgence? Visit Island Spa, located in Waterman Svpetrvs Resort, and enjoy in a relaxing ambient. Purify your body and mind, improve your mood and have a great time. You should also check out the jacuzzi overlooking the hotel pool and the Adriatic. In all treatments, local herbs like lavender, rosemary and orange blossoms are used to provide your... Learn More

    +385 (0)21 640 253

    Location: Supetar

  38. Sea Express

    Sea Express
    Adriatic coastline can be appreciated by sea and we are waiting to welcome you aboard Sea Express for an unforgettable cruise on our comfortable and luxury boat. Sun, sea, beaches and little bays can make your day really unforgettable. The Dalmatian and Brač coast is rich in beach and little bays. A boat trip is the perfect way to know the Dalmatia. Sea express with... Learn More

    WH: 08-23h

    +385 91 942 6698

    Location: Supetar

  39. Autotrans Brač

    Autotrans Brač
    The Autotrans Group is one of the biggest transport systems in Croatia, consisting of the companies Autotrans, Autoprometno poduzeće Požega, Autotrans Lika, Autopromet Slunj and Velebit turist Gospić, and the wide network of its branches goes from Istria, the Croatian Littoral, Gorski Kotar, the Adriatic islands, Slavonia, Lika, and Dalmatia. During its 70 years of activity in the market, the Autotrans Group has grown into a business system that employs more... Learn More

    WH: 7.15 - 15.15h

    +385 (0) 60 39 30 60

    Location: Supetar

  40. Kolona souvenirs

    Kolona souvenirs
    Kolona souvenirs, right on the promenade of Supetar, tell the story of Brač, the island of stone and stone masonry tradition. Come and hear the story that island is telling, a story of souvenirs and love people give to one of the most beautiful Croatian souvenirs. We offer a wide selection of souvenirs, unique jewelry, candlesticks and clocks, bowls, all made of the famous stone.... Learn More


    Location: Supetar

Frequently asked questions

Ok, so I got to the island. What now?

Ah, our favourite question. 🙂 Here are just some ideas!

#1 EAT.

We’ve gathered only the best of the best restaurants, taverns, farms etc. to give you the opportunity to enjoy only the best island food, made from fresh, local ingredients. Check out our selection at gastronomy section of our website.


Do as locals do – eat well, sleep well! Again, only the best of Brač accommodation awaits you on our website, gathered under Accommodation section. Feel like royalty while you’re here!


There’s so much to see and do, all around Croatia, this truly amazing country. But, there’s even more of this awesomeness on island Brač! Here you’ll find dragons, Hercules, night sailing, poetry reading, electric dancing, graffiti painting, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it! So, here’s an idea. Browse through or culture section, plan some morning activities, go swimming in some of our beautiful villages, and the check the calendar to plan your night!


You want more? Glad to hear it, cause there’s always something else to do on Brač! Choose your adventure, book a boat, safari tour, sightseeing or something more dangerous – Brač has it all!


To enjoy yourself to the fullest, get yourself a copy of Brač Pass – interactive tour guide, with lots of discounts, interesting facts and prizes you can win!

* For getting around the island, we suggest using the local transportation. Click here for online booking with a discount!

I really want to visit Brač! How do I do that?!

Brač is an island which can be reached by sea and air. Here are some basics.

BY SEA ///

There are two ferry lines connecting Brač with a land.

First is in Supetar, connecting Brač with Split, and the second is on Sumartin, connecting Brač with Makarska. There is a third port that can be reached by regular local boat lines, and that is Bol, on the south part of the island. Here, you can reach Brač from Split, or from a neighbouring island Hvar. More information about ferry lines and timetables you may find here.

Also, if you own or rent boats, you may just sail into any place on island Brač. We suggest Brač Deluxe for transfers!

BY AIR ///

Brač has its own small airport, situated in the middle of the island. More and more flights are introduced each year, and all the necessary information you may find on the airport’s website. If you need transportation from the airport to any other place on the island, may we suggest contacting some of the #bestofbrac service providers, such as Taxi Peša, Brač DeluxeRent a Motorino or M&B rent. Check them out!

Once you’re on the island, rent a car, use taxis or local transportation. For online booking with discount, click here.

All the emergency numbers you might need but we hope you won’t!


Mladena Vodanovića 25 – 21 400 Supetar
+385 21 631 145 / 112


Mladena Vodanovića 24 – 21 400 Supetar
+ 385 21 640 014 / 112




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