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The gastronomic traditions are diverse as in numerous other islands. However, several products stand out, above all, so much that they have special events dedicated to them. First among them is Brač cake hrapoćuša, named after a special type of rock that dominates the village of Dol, which is regarded as the home of the cake. Also very important is vitalac, made out of lamb and although it does not sound or looks good, we promise you, it’s the top specialty. Also, a special place in Brač gastronomy is reserved for a rich selection of fish dishes, especially those produced in Sardina factory in Postira.

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Restaurant Restaurant Ruzmarin, Selca
Restaurant Ruzmarin, Selca

Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of our family-style restaurant Ruzmarin in Selca and savor the distinct flavors of authentic dishes at our Mediterranean restaurant. If you...

Cocktail barCoffee shopFast food Beach Bar Kartolina
Beach Bar Kartolina

The beach bar Kartolina differentiates itself with a unique atmosphere and design, combining the exoticism of Africa and Latin America- massive palm leaves rooftop, wooden...

Restaurant Konoba Vinotoka
Konoba Vinotoka

Konoba Vinotoka is located in the center of Supetar, decorated in a traditional Dalmatian style. We offer authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and we are well known...

Cocktail barNight club Varadero

As the evening arrives, after your dinner, visit Varadero in the soul spot of Bol. Varadero is a night cocktail bar with a long tradition...

Restaurant Restaurant Dvor
Restaurant Dvor

Restaurant Dvor is located in Postira. Dvor is a traditionally decorated tavern with a beautiful view over the sea, beach and a promenade. We offer...

Restaurant Taverna Riva
Taverna Riva

The restaurant Taverna Riva with the longest tradition and distinctive cuisine is located in the very center of Bol’s port. It occupies two floors of...

Cocktail barCoffee shopFast food Beach bar Plaža
Beach bar Plaža

Beach bar Plaža is located close to the most famous Zlatni rat beach, in a natural shade. Their guests can enjoy a wide range of...

Coffee shopFast foodRestaurant Bistro Fontana
Bistro Fontana

Grikula family successfully runs many different businesses. They own a restaurant Fontana, olive oil factory, apartments, night club, souvenir shop, and one that is probably...

Coffee shopRestaurant Bašta Aquila
Bašta Aquila

Relaxed atmosphere in restaurant Bašta Aquila at the center of small town Pučišća, Brač. Truly stunning location with beautiful view on the sea and bay...

Cocktail barCoffee shopFast foodNight club Benny’s bar
Benny’s bar

Benny's is beach & nightclub in Supetar that offers private pebble beach with sunbeds, a trendy bar for stylish lounging in the afternoon or night...

Restaurant Konoba Bracera
Konoba Bracera

Konoba Bracera is located in Postira by the sea. At Konoba Bracera you can taste the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and dishes, and we especially recommend...

Cocktail barCoffee shop Bar with the view – Mamey Bar!
Bar with the view – Mamey Bar!

Mamey bar is located on the promenade leading to the most amazing and unique beache in Europe - Zlatni rat beach in Bol, Croatia. Stop...

Restaurant Konoba Moby Dick
Konoba Moby Dick

Konoba Moby Dick is a traditional Dalmatian konoba, located in Bol, the most famous tourist destination where you can find the best of homemade dishes. Beautifully...

Restaurant Restaurant Lovrečina
Restaurant Lovrečina

Restaurant Lovrečina is located by the only sandy beach on the island,and as soon you sit on the terrace, you will be loaded with the...

Restaurant Konoba Bokuncin
Konoba Bokuncin

Konoba Bokuncin, run by Matea and Ela, two sisters from Sutivan, offers amazing tastes, smells, and flavors, that fill the promenade as one enjoys their...

Restaurant Konoba Restaurant Žiža
Konoba Restaurant Žiža

In the pleasant atmosphere at an altitude of 380 m above sea level on an area of ​​8,000 m2 located in a rural household and...

Restaurant Bistro Villa Marija
Bistro Villa Marija

Bistro Villa Marija The bistro “ Vila Marija” is located in the Vila Marija with a rich offer of beverages and specialities of Mediterranean cuisine....

Cocktail bar Auro

Anyone who has formerly visited Bol, couldn’t miss the temptatious Auro – located on the Zlatni rat beach. Auro is a place for relaxed afternoon...

Restaurant Restaurant Borak Beach
Restaurant Borak Beach

This lovely hotel Borak, by the sea, has its own buffet restaurant, as well as a cocktail bar in the shade of Mediterranean trees and...

Cocktail barCoffee shopNight clubRestaurant Modrulj Restaurant & Cocktail bar
Modrulj Restaurant & Cocktail bar

Modrulj Restaurant & Coctail bar is located just few steps away from the beautiful sandy bay Likva in Sutivan.  It is an ideal place to...

Restaurant Konoba Raj
Konoba Raj

Far away from noise, traffic and stress in the small village Murvica, there is a konoba Raj, and it is no coincidence it is named “Paradise”....

Cocktail barCoffee shop YOLO Food Bar & Bistro
YOLO Food Bar & Bistro

YOLO Food Bar is located on the Bol promenade and it is the perfect place for an early breakfast, delicious Mediterranean, Greek or Italian lunch,...

Restaurant Konoba Lukin
Konoba Lukin

Konoba Lukin is located in the center of Supetar, just next to the sea. Special attention is given to every meal they prepare, resulting in...

Restaurant Restaurant Bago
Restaurant Bago

Restaurant Bago situated on the shore, on Milna's beach. Daily catch, wild fish, home atmosphere, wonderful seaview. Owner of the resturant is a fisherman. The...

Restaurant Restaurant Vagabundo
Restaurant Vagabundo

Restaurant Vagabundo has become widely recognized as one of the most popular and finest restaurant on Bol and  Brač island, offering smart, sophisticated menu featuring...

Restaurant Mali Raj
Mali Raj

Restaurant Mali Raj (Little Paradise) is located directly above the symbol of Dalmatia - Zlatni rat. Be prepared to be stunned by the beautiful and...

Coffee shopFast foodRestaurant Bistro Vrilo
Bistro Vrilo

Bistro Vrilo is an ideal place for summer relaxation, and its located in Supetar. It is located by the sea, at the beach where you...

Coffee shopFast foodRestaurant Pizzeria Marin
Pizzeria Marin

Pizzeria Marin, located in the the prettiest small place in Europe, named Pučišća, has the best pizza in town! So, if you're looking for a great...

Restaurant Restaurant Nono Ban
Restaurant Nono Ban

Nono Ban restaurant and villa is located in the lovely village of Gornji Humac, at the top of the island Brač. CULINARY DELIGHTS Restaurant Nono...

Restaurant Senjkovic winery
Senjkovic winery

Senjkovic family is one of those families from Dračevica you fall in love with and whose enthusiasm stays with you long after you've left the...

Night club 585 club
585 club

Located only 5 minutes from the peak of the Zlatni rat beach, in the quiet of the woods, club 585 is a place for your...

Restaurant Konoba Toni
Konoba Toni

Konoba Toni is located in a picturesque little eco ethno village Dol, near Postira, one of the oldest settlements on Brač, built of stone on...

Restaurant Konoba Kopačina
Konoba Kopačina

Konoba Kopačina is located in the heart of the island - a small picturesque village Donji Humac. No matter where you are situated on the...

Restaurant Grill Garden Restaurant
Grill Garden Restaurant

Can the beauty of one region be a spice, and become a food product? You can find the answer to that question in the Grill...

Fast food Flying meals
Flying meals

Flying Meals is a takeaway restaurant in Bol, that offers only the best home cooked meals and variety of a la carte meals. Flying Meals...

Cocktail bar Cocktail bar Bolero
Cocktail bar Bolero

Bolero Cocktail Bar is located in a pine forest, right by the promenade that leads to the Zlatni rat Beach. Enjoy in cocktails and a...

Restaurant Restaurant Otok
Restaurant Otok

Restaurant Otok, in hotel Osam, has an international à la carte cuisine. It lures you with the modern environment and delicious meals. Experience a real...

Frequently asked questions

Ok, so I got to the island. What now?

Ah, our favourite question. 🙂 Here are just some ideas!

#1 EAT.

We’ve gathered only the best of the best restaurants, taverns, farms etc. to give you the opportunity to enjoy only the best island food, made from fresh, local ingredients. Check out our selection at gastronomy section of our website.


Do as locals do – eat well, sleep well! Again, only the best of Brač accommodation awaits you on our website, gathered under Accommodation section. Feel like royalty while you’re here!


There’s so much to see and do, all around Croatia, this truly amazing country. But, there’s even more of this awesomeness on island Brač! Here you’ll find dragons, Hercules, night sailing, poetry reading, electric dancing, graffiti painting, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it! So, here’s an idea. Browse through or culture section, plan some morning activities, go swimming in some of our beautiful villages, and the check the calendar to plan your night!


You want more? Glad to hear it, cause there’s always something else to do on Brač! Choose your adventure, book a boat, safari tour, sightseeing or something more dangerous – Brač has it all!


To enjoy yourself to the fullest, get yourself a copy of Brač Pass – interactive tour guide, with lots of discounts, interesting facts and prizes you can win!

* For getting around the island, we suggest using the local transportation. Click here for online booking with a discount!

I really want to visit Brač! How do I do that?!

Brač is an island which can be reached by sea and air. Here are some basics.

BY SEA ///

There are two ferry lines connecting Brač with a land.

First is in Supetar, connecting Brač with Split, and the second is on Sumartin, connecting Brač with Makarska. There is a third port that can be reached by regular local boat lines, and that is Bol, on the south part of the island. Here, you can reach Brač from Split, or from a neighbouring island Hvar. More information about ferry lines and timetables you may find here.

Also, if you own or rent boats, you may just sail into any place on island Brač. We suggest Brač Deluxe for transfers!

BY AIR ///

Brač has its own small airport, situated in the middle of the island. More and more flights are introduced each year, and all the necessary information you may find on the airport’s website. If you need transportation from the airport to any other place on the island, may we suggest contacting some of the #bestofbrac service providers, such as Taxi Peša, Brač DeluxeRent a Motorino or M&B rent. Check them out!

Once you’re on the island, rent a car, use taxis or local transportation. For online booking with discount, click here.

All the emergency numbers you might need but we hope you won’t!


Mladena Vodanovića 25 – 21 400 Supetar
+385 21 631 145 / 112


Mladena Vodanovića 24 – 21 400 Supetar
+ 385 21 630 959




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