Spirit – the week of fulfillment

Sutivan, island of Brac




30.08. — 06.09.2019.

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Spirit - the week of fulfillment

Let’s look at your current situation together. Want to change a few things and want to do that? Be it a happy relationship, workplace success, financial issues or health, you are the key to everything. What you see, experience, touch, and affect you in any way, triggers feelings in you, it all comes from you. So if you want change, you need to start the process within yourself.

In our exciting and creative camp, we get to know the creative power and awareness of our presence. We release everything that no longer supports us. A future can be built by closing down, processing the past, and surpassing our own limits. Releasing always entails the possibility of starting again and renewing. The camp will give you practical methods, ideas on how to accept yourself, live with joy and love.

In our lectures, we go beyond purely theoretical issues, offer practical solutions to better understand you and find your true goals. In the camp, you can learn real-time, immediate practices in self-expression and networking.

All life consists of the unity of soul, body, spirit. We make sure that you can develop in all areas during your vacation. To this end, meaningful programs await you such as mandala painting, vegetarian cooking, pilates, massage therapy. All these together guarantee the perfect relaxation and recharge.

Come on, let’s meet you on the sunny side of life!

Our camps are located on the island of Brac, one of the largest pearls of the Adriatic Sea with beautiful natural features. The perfect choice for sea and sun lovers as well as for those who want to spend their leisure time actively. In addition to the thematic activities of the camps, in our free time you can swim in romantic bays, stroll along the palm trees, but there are also many opportunities for hiking and cycling. Our accommodation is located in the fairy village of Sutivan. Accommodation is in air-conditioned apartments for 2 or 4 people, 150 meters from the sea. All rooms have a sea-view terrace, a well-equipped kitchen and a TV.

The prices include vegetarian / vegan meals (buffet breakfast, three course lunch, dinner), which offers a rich meal and special culinary experience.

Participation fee: EUR 390

If you would like to attend the camp with your family, we can offer you the following benefits: Children 0-3 years old free of charge, children 3-10 years 190 EUR / child Adult family members who do not require camp programs and children over 10 can join for 320 EUR / person! The discounted price includes the cost of accommodation, meals but does not include other services! Of course, they are also welcome on hikes and other informal activities!

Leaders of our self-development camp:

Márta Zámbó is a spirit coach who has worked as a communications specialist for over ten years as a leader and personal consultant in the private sector. Many years of experience in organizational communication have turned to mapping individual internal processes. He has learned a number of alternative methods that help to complete the individual’s well-being. Currently, as a coach and consultant, he leads individual and group concepts in the areas of communication, self-awareness and self-actualization.

Beáta Bencs Massage Therapist, Vedic Spatial Planning Consultant, Madala Painter, Pilate Instructor The camp provides morning exercise and introduces you to the basics of space management and understanding the impact on our lives on the first few days. It helps to make our individual mandalas, which are creative work not only creative recreation, but also the mapping of our life task and problems. During the week everyone gets a massage treatment that guarantees a perfect relaxation.

 What does the price contain?

The price includes the cost of accommodation, meals, lectures, yoga and meditation classes, and individual consultation. Excludes travel costs and entrance ticket to Blaca Monastery (40 Kuna)

The discounted price includes the cost of accommodation, meals but does not include other services! There is no need to buy tickets for parking or swimming in the village.

Information forwarded, application:

Price: 390€

Villa Adria


Frequently asked questions

Ok, so I got to the island. What now?

Ah, our favourite question. 🙂 Here are just some ideas!

#1 EAT.

We’ve gathered only the best of the best restaurants, taverns, farms etc. to give you the opportunity to enjoy only the best island food, made from fresh, local ingredients. Check out our selection at gastronomy section of our website.


Do as locals do – eat well, sleep well! Again, only the best of Brač accommodation awaits you on our website, gathered under Accommodation section. Feel like royalty while you’re here!


There’s so much to see and do, all around Croatia, this truly amazing country. But, there’s even more of this awesomeness on island Brač! Here you’ll find dragons, Hercules, night sailing, poetry reading, electric dancing, graffiti painting, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it! So, here’s an idea. Browse through or culture section, plan some morning activities, go swimming in some of our beautiful villages, and the check the calendar to plan your night!


You want more? Glad to hear it, cause there’s always something else to do on Brač! Choose your adventure, book a boat, safari tour, sightseeing or something more dangerous – Brač has it all!


To enjoy yourself to the fullest, get yourself a copy of Brač Pass – interactive tour guide, with lots of discounts, interesting facts and prizes you can win!

* For getting around the island, we suggest using the local transportation. Click here for online booking with a discount!

I really want to visit Brač! How do I do that?!

Brač is an island which can be reached by sea and air. Here are some basics.

BY SEA ///

There are two ferry lines connecting Brač with a land.

First is in Supetar, connecting Brač with Split, and the second is on Sumartin, connecting Brač with Makarska. There is a third port that can be reached by regular local boat lines, and that is Bol, on the south part of the island. Here, you can reach Brač from Split, or from a neighbouring island Hvar. More information about ferry lines and timetables you may find here.

Also, if you own or rent boats, you may just sail into any place on island Brač. We suggest Brač Deluxe for transfers!

BY AIR ///

Brač has its own small airport, situated in the middle of the island. More and more flights are introduced each year, and all the necessary information you may find on the airport’s website. If you need transportation from the airport to any other place on the island, may we suggest contacting some of the #bestofbrac service providers, such as Taxi Peša, Brač DeluxeRent a Motorino or M&B rent. Check them out!

Once you’re on the island, rent a car, use taxis or local transportation. For online booking with discount, click here.

All the emergency numbers you might need but we hope you won’t!


Mladena Vodanovića 25 – 21 400 Supetar
+385 21 631 145 / 112


Mladena Vodanovića 24 – 21 400 Supetar
+ 385 21 630 959




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