Let’s be honest – there are a million reasons to choose Brač as your wedding destination! But, we’ll be modest and name just five. Our Friday five brings to you – 5 reasons to get married on Brač!


No matter where you go around Brač, you’ll embark on beautiful nature and inspiring sights, especially if you choose to have an open-air ceremony. Saying “yes” is much more thrilling when there’s Zlatni rat (Golden Cape) spreading in its full beauty just behind you. Or, be brave and arrange a ceremony in some of the old abandoned quarries – now, that’s sure to make your wedding one of a kind! Even if you opt for the traditional ceremony, in church, you can be sure it will be just as lovely – old churches on Brač are just as cute as any, if not cuter! Or, imagine, walking down the aisle in your flip flops, for a beach wedding! The possibilities are endless.


We like to say that love goes through the stomach, and food is just as important part of the wedding as the dress, church, or even rings. It must must must be good. So, this is one of the biggest reasons to get married on Brač – you can be sure the food will be amazing! Whether your guests prefer meat or fish, people of Brač sure know how to prepare it. Lamb and squid risotto is a must, and for everything else, there’s a lot of recipes to choose from.


Each wedding ends with presents for guests. Say no to basic “picture & thank you” options and opt for something more original – like small jars of homemade jams, or olive oil bottles, some lavender packets, and so on. Brač is full of great family agribusiness’ that’d be more than happy to surprise your guest with their fig cakes, handmade soaps, wooden jewelry, stone candle holder. And you can be sure your wedding party favor won’t be stuck in some drawer!

Photo by Weddings Brač


The great thing about getting married on the island of Brač is the fact that it is also a great place to go on a honeymoon! Have you noticed the most amazing beach in Europe – Golden Cape? Have you seen all the amazing villas and homes you could rent and feel like royalty while you enjoy your first days of the married life? Have you seen all the amazing things you can do and explore while you’re on the island?


And, maybe the most important part for you – Brač has someone to plan all of this for you. Take the pressure off, list your ideas, and let the creative juices of our local wedding planner flow! She’ll make your dreams come true without you even having to worry about the invitation, transportation, and decoration. Contact Lada at Weddings Brač!

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