We want to make sure your stay on Brač is amazing and full of great experiences. This is why we created eight to do lists to keep you busy and entertained while on vacation! Check it out!

* When we say Supetar, we mean the entire municipality consisting of villages Škrip, Splitska, Mirca and of course, the city of Supetar.

#1 Wave from a castle like a royalty! 

Find a beautiful castle in the oldest village on the island – Škrip. This is just one of the many beautiful castles around the island, so there’s plenty opportunity for you to play king and queen! 

#2 Fly on water! 

Yes, everything is possible on Brač! Irante watersports is the magic maker in this case, so find them on a beach, ask for a flybord and enjoy the adventure.

#3 Spin the wheel and make some olive oil!

You can’t just come here and do no work, right?! Participate in the traditional production of olive oil in Museum of oil. If you’re not there for the season of olive production, you’re off the hook when it comes to work but not when it comes to tasting the oil! Enjoy!

#4 Find your way to the Pleasureville!

Follow the Dolčevita gastro path and try everything along the way. But beware – you might not want to go back 😉

#5 Bake a cake! 

There are a lot of tasty traditional cake recipes we suggest you to try, like the famous hrapoćuša cake, but you might wanna start with something easier. So, find a local who’ll tell you some of the recipes and try them out!

Of course, there are many other things to do and see in Supetar area, let us know which one  you think should be on this list!

Also, let us know how you liked it and how many things you’ve done! Post pictures on instagram, facebook and twitter, using  the hashtag #bestofbrac.