We’ve prepared for you a complete guide through Christmas holidays on Brač – all the fairs, parties, activities and more, all in one place. We hope you’ll find something (a lot!) to your liking and that you will choose to spend your holidays on Brač, celebrating this magical time of the year. We welcome you to our wonderful island and wish you happy holidays!


You’ll be dieting since January anyway!


There’s no better time to learn new recipes than in the winter, when it’s warm inside and the smells from cooking make staying inside even better! You can join a very active group of people around Gea Viva camp and learn how to prepare meals according to microbiotic principles!


But, why not take a step back and – get your own food! If this interests you, we invite you to the ARBUN’s birthday squid hunt in Supetar! Join the teams of three “hunters” and enjoy fishing!


After winning (of course), celebrate at Park Petrovac in Selca where you will be amused by the music spectacle “Tempera quartet”, and three course menu for a very reasonable price! You can expect guitar, accordion, mandolin, vocals, all accompanied with the greatest hits of pop music until the wee hours in the morning or until you spend all the calories you consumed 🙂 Restaurant Otok is making legendary bakalar as our grandmas used to make, each Friday until Christmas, and on Saturday 10th, they’re having an evening of Dalmatian cuisine!Grill Garden is also organizing a different gastro event each Saturday, near Mirca. Of course, each great meal must be accompanied by even greater dessert, so head over to Milna to taste local sweets at Sweet market! Mothers of Milna join hands every year diligently baking traditional Christmas cakes that you can taste in front of the Cultural Centre. All donations go towards buying gifts for all the children of Milna that Santa Claus every year gives with joy. However, our favourite part of Christmas time are most definitely mini Advent gastro houses! This pop up food stands offer grilled sausages, mulled wine, sauerkraut, brandy and fritters to warm you up! Enjoy local gastronomy accompanied by guitar in Milna and Postira.


All the best parts of Christmas combined in one place – food, music, shopping, giving!

This year, Christmas fairs popped up all over the island! Sutivan organizes a great charity Christmas fair for “Brač buds”, organization for children with difficulties, which aims to raise funds to help in the work of this Association. This is the third time this event is taking place, and it already shaped up to a wonderful tradition, one we look forward to all year. Here you can expect products from various Brač designers, artist, manufacturers, and so on. Bol also started something we can only hope will turn into a tradition – a clothing bazaar in the Cultural Centre – you can donate or sell clothes, but most importantly you can buy clothes and accessories and thus help raising funds for islanders in need. The similar fair takes place in Milna, where you can buy used goods, toys and books to commemorate the essence of giving and modesty. Very Christmasy!

* FUN, FUN *

We know, all of this is fun, but now let’s talk reaaaal fun!

For the past four years, football players gather around, a standard team of good people from four coffee shops in Supetar – Lanterna, Tope, Pipi and Pjerin, to play a charity football match! Date of action is December 16th and all you need to do is be there. You can even win a lottery! If light gambling is your thing, then we suggest you spend the upcoming Sundays in Park Petrovac playing bingo! Prizes are very nice, building up to a great jackpot that could score you an early Christmas present, just the day before the Christmas Eve! Don’t forget that Saturdays are regular party nights at Park Petrovac 😉

Night life can be bit slower during winters on Brač, but no worries – Grikula makes sure your weekends in Pučišća are spent on the dance floor! Stop by their disco bar Robert around Christmas or any weekend for that matter! There are many scheduled gigs in Pučišća’s pub Cutty Sark as well – Zdravka and Marko from Acoustic duo MINUS 5 will be playing an amazing set of international hits. Different music tastes can be satisfied in Bol as well – on December 22nd there will be a huge musical performance of all Bol’s singers and players, bands, choirs and acapella groups. For more updates on the upcoming parties, make sure to visit our events calendar!


Make this the best Christmas they ever had!


„World as a flower“ association is organizing many creative workshops around the island, to create and collect as many works for the Christmas market in Sutivan as possible. Take a moment to give a hand in this noble project. You can join them in Sutivan, Supetar, Nerežišća, Škrip, Milna and Bol! There’s also a christmas card workshop for kids in Milna, on December 13th.


Sunday, December 11th is a theatre day! Take your kids to the Bol cinema, to see a puppet show by Z production, called “How boy named Lucky saved Christmas”. Show is in Croatian but it still might be interesting 😉 A different kind of show is taking place few days later across the island, in Pučišća. Grikula family has been organizing great Christmas parties for children for the past few years, and this year is no exception! Join them for some fun time in Pučišća. Clown Šarenko and Santa Claus will make sure no child is left without a smile!


If you’re children are more into sport activities, fear not! First time ever, bike club Grma is organizing a children’s bike race in Sutivan, with a lot of fun activities before and after the race. On the other side of the island, Fortuna Povlja is organizing Christmas children’s soccer tournament that will be held in Povlja the day after Christmas. You can sign your kids up until December 23rd so hurry up!



All the events, with more detailed description and listed according to the dates, could be found in our EVENTS CALENDAR. If you’re seeking a place to stay while you’re enjoying Christmas time on Brač, take a look at our ACCOMMODATION section, and if you want to explore Brač on your own, stop by our ADVENTURE section.