Das Beste von Brač gastronomie an einer Stelle!

Die gastronomischen Traditionen sind vielfältig, wie auf den zahlreichen anderen Inseln. Allerdings stehen einige Produkte dermaßen hervor, dass es ihnen zur Ehre spezielle Veranstaltungen gibt. Als ersten müssen wir den Kuchen  aus Brač der Hrapoćuša heißt erwähnen, benannt nach einer besonderen Felsen Art, die man im Dorf Dol finden kann, die als die Heimat des Kuchens gilt. Sehr wichtig ist Vitalac, eine kulinarische Spezialität, aus Lamminnereien und obwohl sie nicht so gut aussieht, versprechen wir Ihnen, es ist eine Leckerei. Eine reiche Auswahl an Fischgerichten, vor allem denen, die in der Sardin-Fabrik in Postira hergestellt wurden, haben die Gastronomie von Brač  gekennzeichnet.

Holen Sie sich eine Kopie des Brač Pass, der einzigen Sache die Sie während Ihres Urlaubs in Brač brauchen werden! Achten Sie besonders auf unsere Gastronomie Auswahl, da wir nur die besten Restaurants und Cafés für Sie ausgewählt haben. Wir haben tolle Angebote und Tipps für Sie vorbereitet, also verpassen Sie keine Gelegenheit für köstliche Leckereien! Sie können unsere Liste auch auf Facebook finden! Hier ist eine Liste der #bestofbrac Gastronomie!

  1. Konoba Vinotoka

    Konoba Vinotoka
    Konoba Vinotoka is located in the center of Supetar, decorated in a traditional Dalmatian style. We offer authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and we are well known for our seafood specialties made with fresh local products. Every dish is prepared traditionally with a special care for ingredients. Fresh fish comes every day from local fishermen and trawler. J It is important to note that the meat is... Learn More

    WH: 15:00-23:00h


    Ort: Konoba Vinotoka

  2. Restaurant Santo Bol

    Restaurant Santo Bol
    Family restaurant Santo is located in the center of Bol. It has spectacular view to the port and the sea. On the menu there are many dalmatian traditional dishes, fish and sea food. This peaceful place has the most delicious food for all the food lovers out there. Santo restaurant is one of the most exquisite locations to eat on Brač. Santo is one of... Learn More

    WH: 07-23h

    00385 91 521 8276

    Ort: Bol

  3. Modrulj Restaurant & Cocktail bar

    Modrulj Restaurant & Cocktail bar
    Modrulj Restaurant & Coctail bar is located just few steps away from the beautiful sandy bay Likva in Sutivan.  It is an ideal place to enjoy and relax, sunbathing and sipping on a coffee or a cocktail, depending of the mood. With 3000 sq meters of space, Cocktail bar ˝Modrulj˝ offers everything that you need for a perfect vacation and island getaway! On our three... Learn More

    WH: 09-22h


    Ort: Modrulj Restaurant & Cocktail bar

  4. Cocktailbar Bolero

    Cocktailbar Bolero
    Die Cocktailbar Bolero befindet sich im Kiefernwald, unweit von der zum Strand Zlatni rat führenden Promenade. Genießen Sie Cocktails im modern eingerichteten Ambiente und die leichte Brise im Freien. Sonstige Bars Aperitifbar Poolbar   Das Hotelrestaurant empfängt bis zu 200 Gäste und bietet ein Frühstücksbuffet, ein à la carte Snack-Mittagessen und „Show Cooking“ Abendessen.   Learn More

    +385 1 3844 288

    Ort: Cocktailbar Bolero

  5. Konoba Bracera

    Konoba Bracera
    Konoba Bracera is located in Postira by the sea. At Konoba Bracera you can taste the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and dishes, and we especially recommend seafood meals, made only with fresh ingredients, locally sourced.  Enjoy live music shows and beautiful view! Hop in the sea between the courses and enjoy your stay in Postira! For directions, make sure to download our free mobile app! Learn More


    Ort: Konoba Bracera

  6. Mali Raj

    Mali Raj
    Restaurant Mali Raj (Little paradise) is located directly above the symbol of Dalmatia - Zlatni rat. Be prepared to be stunned by the beautiful and original Dalmatian ambient when entering this unique place. The restaurant is positioned inside an old olive grove with ancient olive trees and vineyards. When visiting Mali Raj, you must taste traditional dalmatian cuisine whether you crave for fish or meat delicacies.... Learn More

    WH: 12-23h

    +385 (0)98 756 922

    Ort: Mali Raj

  7. Bistro Vrilo

    Bistro Vrilo
    Bistro Vrilo is an ideal place for summer relaxation, and its located in Supetar. It is located by the sea, at the beach where you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming with a wide selection of refreshing drinks and cocktails. If you decide to spend a whole day at the beach, Vrilo offers you a great selection of delicious meals to keep you full and satisfied.... Learn More

    WH: 10-22h


    Ort: Bistro Vrilo

  8. Konoba Lukin

    Konoba Lukin
    Konoba Lukin is located in the center of Supetar, just next to the sea. Special attention is given to every meal they prepare, resulting in an amazing pleasure for your taste buds! You may choose from a variety of meat, but we suggest fish meals, since they are what this island is known for! Chefs are very creative when it comes to preparing new meals,... Learn More

    WH: 09-24h

    +385 (0)21 63 06 83

    Ort: Konoba Lukin

  9. Bistro Fontana

    Bistro Fontana
    Grikula family successfully runs many different business. They own a restaurant Fontana, olive oil factory, appartments, night club, souvenir shop, and one that is probably the most popular - their bakery!  They also rent boats and organize scuba lessons, since the son in law is an experienced apneist! During summer night you may enjoy their delicious donuts, freshly baked, sold in front of their restaurant... Learn More

    WH: 09-24h

    Ort: Bistro Fontana

  10. Bašta Aquila – Restaurant/ Pizzeria

    Bašta Aquila – Restaurant/ Pizzeria
    Relaxed atmosphere in restaurant Bašta Aquila at the center of small town Pučišća, Brač. Truly stunning location with beautiful view on the sea and bay of Pučišća. Great food, friendly staff will make you want to comeback. Restaurant also serves breakfast, but you can also enjoy fresh fish, Pizza or čevapčići (a national special). Bašta Aquila - enjoy like a local This restaurant is well known... Learn More

    WH: 08-23h

    +385 95 631 1413

    Ort: Bašta Aquila – Restaurant/ Pizzeria

  11. Agrotourism Ranjak

    Agrotourism Ranjak
    Agrotourism Ranjak is a family farm, located on the road between Supetar and Nerežišća. The entire property, which is mainly an olive grove, is surrounded by a stone wall. There are other Mediterranean cultures present here as well: almonds, figs, cherries, and various vegetable crops, which are planted for the needs of their household. The estate is also filled with wild-growing medicinal and aromatic herbs that... Learn More

    091 631 6699

    Ort: Agrotourism Ranjak

  12. Restaurant Plaža Borak

    Restaurant Plaža Borak
    Das à la carte Restaurant Plaža Borak befindet sich unterhalb der Promenade unmittelbar am Meer und es wird Sie mit seinem wunderschönen romantischen Ambiente begeistern. Genießen Sie die Meeresfrüchte, Prädikatsweine aus Bol sowie die am Grill zubereiteten Delikatessen und den leichten Maestral im Freien, der Ihrem Abendessen eine besondere Note verleiht. Hotelrestaurant Beginnen Sie Ihren Tag mit Gerichten von unserem reichhaltigen Buffettisch. Genießen Sie zum... Learn More

    +385 1 3844 288

    Ort: Restaurant Plaža Borak

  13. Konoba Moby Dick

    Konoba Moby Dick
    Konoba Moby Dick is a traditional Dalmatian konoba, located in Bol, the most famous tourist destination where you can find the best of homemade dishes. Beautifully decorated with stone and a terrace with the breathtaking view over Bol. Moby Dick konoba offers Mediterranean, Italian, Seafood, European, Croatian food, and they have a great selection of food for vegetarians. The guests are always coming back, and because of good food, great stuff, and... Learn More

    WH: 09-23h


    Ort: Konoba Moby Dick

  14. Konoba Restaurant Žiža

    Konoba Restaurant Žiža
    In the pleasant atmosphere at an altitude of 380 m above sea level on an area of ​​8,000 m2 located in a rural household and restaurant Belvedere Žiža. He started work in 2005 year. as a continuation of a long tradition of hospitality family Omerović - The focus of Supetar. It is surrounded by olive trees, grape vines, figs, cherries, sour cherries ... View of... Learn More


    Ort: Konoba Restaurant Žiža

  15. Konoba Kopačina

    Konoba Kopačina
    Konoba Kopačina is located in the heart of the island - a small picturesque village Donji Humac. No matter where you are situated on the island, be sure to visit this special tevern with the stunning view and original Brač cuisine. Do not miss out on lamb specialties, the famous sheep cheese, or a lamb on a spit. The most recognizable traditional meal on Brač is... Learn More

    WH: 10 - 24h

    +385 (0)21 647 - 707

    Ort: Konoba Kopačina

  16. Konoba Toni

    Konoba Toni
    Konoba Toni is located in a picturesque little eco ethno village Dol, near Postira, one of the oldest settlements on Brač, built of stone on barren rock to preserve the scarce fields of fertile soil. It has also preserved its original architecture. The family restaurant, "konoba", TONI that has been working since 1968., is well known to all the visitors of the island for its... Learn More

    WH: 12-24h


    Ort: Konoba Toni

  17. Flying meals

    Flying meals
    Flying Meals is a takeaway restaurant in Bol, that offers only the best home cooked meals and variety of a la carte meals. Flying Meals  always trying to improve our offer to please our guests. We are expecting your call! The only restaurant in Bol that offers delivery, and for free. Excellent is erased if you need something in a hurry to eat or quality.... Learn More

    WH: 09-24h


    Ort: Flying meals

  18. Konoba Raj

    Konoba Raj
    Far away from noise, traffic and stress in the small village Murvica, there is a konoba Raj, and it is no coincidence it is named “Paradise”. In the isolated location and a picturesque environment, this restaurant offers you a relaxing atmosphere and a beautiful view over the sea, especially during sunset. What makes this place so unique is fresh fish, meat, seafood and local vegetables which... Learn More

    WH: 10 - 24h

    +385 (0)91 501 9431

    Ort: Konoba Raj

  19. Konoba Bokuncin

    Konoba Bokuncin
    Konoba Bokuncin, run by Matea and Ela, two sisters from Sutivan, offers amazing tastes, smells and flavors, that fill the promenade as one enjoys their delicious cakes and meals made with local products and just a pinch of genius. The recipe hunters loved them and so will you! You may choose among  early lunch, dinner, sea food, food for the soul and vegetarian food. They are especially great... Learn More

    WH: 12-23h

    +385 (0)21 638-338

    Ort: Konoba Bokuncin

  20. Taverna Riva

    Taverna Riva
    Taverna Riva restoran je sa najdužom tradicijom i prepoznatljivom kuhinjom, a nalazi se u samom centru na bolskoj rivi. Zauzima dvije etaže stare kamene kuće građene od izvornog bračkog kamena. U prizemlju se nalazi bar/pizzeria s terasom uz more i vezove za nautičare. Bar “Taverna Riva” kao i restoran, otvoren je cijele godine. Na katu kuće je restoran sa kuhinjom i grill kominom. Tu je... Learn More

    WH: 12-23h

    +385 (0)21 636 236

    Ort: Taverna Riva

  21. Grill Garden Restaurant

    Grill Garden Restaurant
    Can the beauty of one region be a spice, and become a food product? You can find the answer to that question in the Grill Garden, restaurant - garden. In our restaurant you can taste a great variety of dishes, our olive oil, vegetables and lots of Brac products, and again discover the beauty that you may have forgotten. Our olives and vegetables are grown... Learn More

    WH: 15-23h

    00 385 (0)99 606 6067

    Ort: Grill Garden Restaurant

  22. Restaurant Nono Ban

    Restaurant Nono Ban
    Nono Ban restaurant and villa is located in the lovely village of Gornji Humac, at the top of the island Brač. CULINARY DELIGHTS Restaurant Nono Ban' s gastronomic selection is large enough to satisfy all of your desires. They offer you a wide choice of food from our own garden and from our personal harvests, fresh fish, cheese, agricultural products and meat (chicken, lamb, veal, and prosciutto).... Learn More

    WH: 07-24h

    +385 (0)91 1233 343

    Ort: Gornji Humac

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Das Beste von Brač an einer Stelle!