Bistro Fontana

Pučišća, island of Brac

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Bistro Fontana

Grikula family successfully runs many different businesses. They own a restaurant Fontana, olive oil factory, apartments, night club, souvenir shop, and one that is probably the most popular – their bakery!  They also rent boats and organize scuba lessons, since the son in law is an experienced apneist! During summer night you may enjoy their delicious donuts, freshly baked, sold in front of their restaurant which serves a variety of meals. They offer meat and fish specialties. If you want to eat shrimp, quality fish, octopus or squid, or enjoy prosciutto and „čevapčići“, you can find it in Fontana.  They’ll make your stay in Fontana even better with live music on the terrace of the restaurant. Check out their website to plan your stay in Pučišća!

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CP: Roberta Rošker

WH: 09-24h

Address: Deškovićev trg 4

House specialties: Freshly baked donuts every evening!

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