The way our ancestors lived

Pražnica, island of Brac

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The way our ancestors lived

If you stop by in almost any place on Brač, you’ll get a jist of how our ancestors used to live. But, Pražnica might be one of the best places to explore this. They are rich with preserved cultural heritage, stone churches, carvings, and old traditional cemeteries. Every street in the village leads to some of the old churches or cemeteries, which still stand as a reminder of daily life but also of stonemasonry skills.

In Pražnica you can also visit the church of St. Cyprian dating back to the 13th century. Then, there is the church of St. Clement which is located in the center of the beautiful cemetery of Straževnik inhabitants, a medieval village that disappeared because of emigration in the 16th century.

But in place of the old Straževnik still stands the church of St. Juraj and the oldest known bell tower in Dalmatia! Walking through the narrow streets of the village you can hear and archaic speech, ancient Brac’s dialect that is still preserved in the everyday speech of its inhabitants. This speech is very different from the standard Croatian language, so neither Dalmatians can understand it!

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