11th moto meeting

island of Brac




30.06. — 01.07.2017.

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11th moto meeting

Join many Brač bikers t the 11th Moto meeting! This collective of bikers organized four Motorijada events since 2005. All four years have been held in the first weekend of the seventh month, in which they hosted the best bands from Croatian rock scene: Iggy Pop, Flight 3, Trio Karlovac and Zabranjeno Pušenje from neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This year’s program is:

The welcome of the lovely guests is on Friday, and „The Trio“ from Karlovac and Elly Bend Fijasko, with the dancers, will be performing. On Saturday, there will be a guest reception, in the afternoon after a good match and returning to the motorbike camp. In the evening,  musical program: Zabranjeno Pušenje, Elly & Fiasco band, The trio, Go go dance

We will notify you later of any changes!

This is also a charity event – so far, the bikers have donated tens of thousands of kuna’s to those in need. The members of bikers club so far are known and readily seen at different bikers gatherings in the entire country and beyond.

The event takes place in Gažul, small abandoned village, lasts for two days and hosts bands Opća opasnost, WD 40, Dreamers. Their moto is:

„Come in peace, or stay at home!“

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Das Beste von Brač an einer Stelle!