Challenges of Europe | conference

Bol, island of Brac



17.05. — 19.05.2017.

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Challenges of Europe | conference

Over the last two decades, this biennial conference has become an important place of encounter between scholars and practitioners from different countries, cultures and backgrounds discussing contemporary economic issues regarding Europe as an important global player as well as the issues within the European economic system itself, facing various changes in a dynamic environment.

Here you can see the preliminary program.

So far, the Conference has gathered over 1,600 scientists from more than 55 countries and established an outstanding economic forum. It has helped numerous relationships among the researchers to be born, several international projects have been carried out and the communication between the scientists from Split and Croatia and many significant centers of the economic science has been considerably improved. Plenty of productive friendships have been established, many joint papers have been produced, and lots of cultures and attitudes have met and come closer together.

Bringing together people from different societies as well as promoting scientific dialogue and activities aiming at the public welfare remain the Conference’s main interest and mission in its second decade.

*Text belongs to the organizers of the event, photo by @acan2016.


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