Collection of Easter eggs

Bol, island of Brac


22.03. — 30.04.2017.

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Collection of Easter eggs

In the Gallery of the Cultural Center of Bol in March and April 2017 can be viewed an exhibition of the Collection of Easter eggs and decorative objects collected by a collector of traditional and decorative objects Biserka Romac. The collection includes decorative eggs from different parts of Croatian and originating from different parts of the world. Some objects of art and heritage importance as materialization practice traditional painting and making objects, while other objects commercial purchasable items making factory of cultural interest entered through context procurement and use. All they complete the story of the everyday and festive traditions of a family through nearly eight decades. The stories associated with each object are the most important value of this collection. The exhibition was prepared, a collection listed by and drawn, ethnologist and art historian, Marina Pretković, Associate of the Center for Culture Bol.

Recall that this is only one isolated part of a large and valuable cultural and historical collections Čečuk – Romac from home Radic, a property Bol.

Along with the exhibition of Easter eggs, and we expect some of our workshops and events, but more about that soon.

We have prepared an exhibition table and ornamental eggs homemade locals.

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Centar za kulturu Bol

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