Divine light

Bol, island of Brac


24.06. — 16.07.2017.

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Divine light

DIVINE LIGHT is going to be exhibited in the gallery „Dom kulture“ in Bol on the beautiful island of Brač. Enjoy beautiful images of the chandeliers an artist Miriam Ferstl collected during her travels, and try to spot the ones from Brač!


Artfully designed chandeliers have their own special attraction, which is mainly due to their richness in form and their festive staging of the light. The concentric construction also gives them a universal symbolism and strong symbolic power. The orderly interlocking of unity and diversity can be seen particularly impressively when viewed vertically from below. This is the perspective Miriam Ferstl takes when photographing the chandeliers in the Dalmatian island churches. From this under-view, the chandeliers correspond in a lively manner in a symmetrical, almost kaleidoscopic interplay of light, colors, and forms with the architecture of the church spaces. It is clear that the structure of the candelabras is based on the nature of the nature, as manifested in the branching of a tree, in the unfolding of a flower, or in the fragile structure of snow crystals, and not least our idea of ​​the order of the universe match. Focusing on qualities such as the perspective change and its sensual and spiritual dimensions is the central concern of this project.

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