Female yoga and creative camp

island of Brac


18.06. — 25.06.2017.

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Female yoga and creative camp

Women’s life is all about change, release, rhythm and flow… Naliní yoga, stress-relieving breathing techniques, creative exercises, meditations, beauty tips, aromatherapy massage, delicious vegetarian meals, sea, sunshine and cool breeze will help you for a week to spare, recharge and find yourself.

Group games, creations, meditations join the small camp community every morning. Any doubts with yourself, against your abilities, will help to show you more in you! Whatever you are doing will stay with you forever, you can boast of it with courage.

Sign up today and make sure you enjoy the summer indulgence!

The camp of our camps is the island of Brac, one of the biggest pearls of the Adriatic Sea with beautiful natural features. For the lovers of the sea and the sun, as well as those who are looking for active relaxation, the perfect choice. In addition to the thematic programs of the camps, we can take a romantic stroll in our leisure time, walk along the palm trees, but there are also many opportunities for excursions and cycling.

Our accommodation is located in the peaceful village of Sutivan in the fairy-tale. The accommodation is for 2 and 4 person air-conditioned apartments, 150 meters from the sea. All rooms have a sea-view terrace, equipped kitchen, television. The prices include vegetarian / vegan meals (buffet breakfast, 3-course lunch, dinner), which offers ample supply and special gastronomic experiences. The trip is done individually, but if the campers request it, we will help you organize a car trip, that is, the joint trip and other possibilities (train, etc.).


Adrienn Nagy | Cosmetic, mauri-lomi-lomi-aromatherapy relax massage, female yoga instructor

Krisztina Otyehel | Théta Healing Consultant, Lomi Lomi Massage, Glassmaker

THE CAMP FEE is 330 EUR / person

If you would like to participate in the camp with your family, we can provide you with the following discounts:

Child participation up to 0-3 years free, up to 3-10 years old 150 EUR / child

Adult family members who do not require field programs and children over 10 years can join at 280 EUR per person!

The price includes accommodation, meals, and fees for creative programs and other services. (Massage, cooking classes, group sessions). It does not include the cost of travel and the entrance ticket to Blaca Monastery (40 kuna) The discounted price includes accommodation and meals, but does not include other services! There is no need to buy tickets for parking or bathing in the village.


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Price: 330€

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