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Our movement is an interface with the outside world. Our chances of survival and success in life depend on how we move, among other factors. In this workshop we will experience ourselves as movers.

There is an ongoing dance between our inner experience and the outer world with which we interact. At any moment, either can take the lead. We will experiment with the movement as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

We move all the time, unconsciously while sleeping and with a varied degree of awareness during the day. The clearer and more expressive we are in our movements, the easier it is for others to ‘read’ them. We will explore how to improve our communication skills by fine-tuning our movement repertoire.

Our personality and our moods condition the way we move. But there is also a reverse relationship. Changes in our movement pattern can impact our perceptions and attitudes. In the workshop you will discover the Laban/Bartenieff movement system. By applying its principles in dance improvisation we will try out new choices of movement, ones that we normally avoid, and explore ways of re-patterning our movement.

Elena is a communications expert, with training in Laban/Bartenieff movement system and contemporary dance.

Price: donation

Information and Registration:, 099 749 37 11

CP: Sabine Engelhardt

099 749 37 11

Price: FREE, donations welcome

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