Green action in Bol | Let’s keep the island clean!

Bol, island of Brac



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Green action in Bol | Let's keep the island clean!

On Friday 21.4.2017.  at 10 am  join us for green action of cleaning in Bol!

Meeting is held at the entrance to the Bol (parking lot near Bolka) where  the reception for EE waste and the rest mentioned below is organized as well as the cleaning of the environment which begins at 10 am and lasts up until noon.

We are forwarding a complete call for green action down bellow:

Please do not forget about the tomorrow’s waste collection green action in the grunts of other and important actions or private affairs. We ordered the truck of an authorized concessionaire for EE waste and we will be collecting waste from 10am to 12am. About EE Waste: Electrical and electronic devices and equipment Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Equipment (EE Equipment) are all products that, for their proper operation, are dependent on electricity or electromagnetic fields, as well as production, transmission and measurement equipment, and is intended for use at a voltage not exceeding 1,000 V for AC 1.500 V for DC. We differentiate 10 types of EE equipment: 1. Large household appliances such as: electric stoves, washing machines, refrigerators; 2. Small household appliances such as: vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, hair dryers; 3. IT equipment and telecommunications equipment such as: computers, printers, copiers, calculators, telephones, cell phones; 4. Broad entertainment equipment such as: radio and TV sets, camcorders, hi-fi devices, musical instruments; 5. lighting equipment; 6. electric and electronic tools such as drills, saw blades, sewing machines; 7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment, such as videogames, bicycle computers, diving, running, paddling etc; 8. Medical devices, such as: dialysis devices, cardiology devices, analyzers, radiotherapy equipment; 9. Monitoring and control instruments such as: smoke detectors, thermostats, monitoring instruments, etc .; 10. Self – service apparatuses such as: automatic devices for the provision of hot drinks, for issuing money, etc. Electrical and electronic waste When the vendor of an electrical or electronic device decides to discard it, whether due to a failure or replacement for a new, better device, then this device becomes an electrical or electronic waste (EE waste).

We can proudly say that every year we find it harder to find a cleaning site because the lack of illegal waste dumping sites. Therefore this year’s action relates to organized waste collection and sorting, and the list of activities is as follows: Elementary school of Bol will be visiting homes in Bol during the school holidays and collect old CD’s, plastic plugs, old medicines, batteries and old paper Secondary school of Bol will be organizing the cleaning of the environment as usual.

DVD Bol i helping with the cleaning and transfer of any bigger EE waste from households and you can reach them on this number: 021 635 582.

Please join us in our cause of protecting beautiful island of Brač!

For other information please visit CZK web page or call this number: 099/ 316 1468

00 385 99 316 1468


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