Kino Mediteran Bol | Despicable Me 3

Bol, island of Brac



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Kino Mediteran Bol | Despicable Me 3

Tonight at 21h, Kino Mediteran has prepared a new round of laughter for kids, but also for adult cartoon lovers -Despicable Me 3!

The new adventures of Grua and his little ones were caused by the appearance of the lost brother of the twin brother of John, whom Steve Carell comed in the original version. One of the creators of „South Park“ Trey Parker in the original version borrowed the voice of the wicked Balthazar Bratt, who as a child was a star, and now as grown up obsessed with the figure of the 80s. Balthazar will be the biggest Greater enemy so far.

Kino Mediteran is cinema revitalization project in Dalmatia organized by Mediterranean Film Festival Split. The project is held in more than 20 cities, and Bol, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo and Imotski have programs throughout the year.

Projections are every day, and for recent updates, follow the official Facebook page!

*We do  not own the image shown in this event.

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