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KIno Mediteran Bol | King arthur

On Saturday, May 20th, at 20h we are watching KING ARTHUR: THE LEGEND OF A SWORD, at the cinema of Bol. Join us!

Recognized director Guy Ritchie brings a dynamic style to the epic action adventure of King Arthur.

When Arthur’s father was killed, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur’s uncle, took over his crown. By losing his legacy, Arthur is found in the dark streets of the city. But when he pulls a sword out of a stone, his life is completely changed and he is forced to find out the truth about his origin … Whether he liked it or not.

Watch the trailer and see you in the cinema!

The Mediterranean Cinema is cinema revitalization project in Dalmatia organized by Mediterranean Film Festival Split. The project is held in more than 20 cities, and Bol, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo and Imotski have programs throughout the year.

Projections are every day, and for recent updates, follow the official Facebook page!

*We do  not own the image shown in this event.

*Description taken from Kino Mediteran Bol Facebook page.

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