PLAY | We will always have love

Sutivan, island of Brac



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PLAY | We will always have love

Theatre group Rugantino performs a theatre play “We will always have love” on 25.07, at 21h at summer stage Kavanjin in Sutivan.

„We will always have love“ is a tender and somewhat disturbing comedy about the metamorphoses of love in which the togetherness of two people is questioned, which in moments of crisis and misunderstanding, separation and reconciliation, only love can sustain. At the same time, it is both a funny and a sad story about marriage.

Miloš Radović’s witty, cynical and insightful text, which plays great with male-female relations, opened the space for a crazy stage play in which all the key places that connect and separate spouses touch – all the joys, all the traumas, all the doubts and the inevitable tectonic disorders that marriage brings with it.

On the one hand, the author puts an inert, charming, elusive middle-aged university professor Medu, whose position will be eternal avoidance of responsibility and a deep cynical view of everything human, while on the other hand he opposes a cheerful and arrogant woman closer to life and customs – Jelena. deep in his forties he firmly decides to break the monotony of their long-standing marriage. Med is gripped by a panicked fear of the changes that will follow, so he suggests they try the marriage in the last five minutes they have left until the marriage contract is signed. Thus, with the theatrical magic, the faces in the piece were given the opportunity to experience, imagine, play, predict or dream about their future years together in five minutes before the wedding.

Concentrated, concise, complex, and yet simply simple, five minutes that represent a whole possible life together are crammed into a play that Jelena Miholjević and Dražen Čuček bring to the audience with the power of their great acting skills and the subtlety of their acting. For the first time together on stage, these two actors will try to express the weight and joy of love with the help of the inspired direction of Darijo Harjaček. The love that remains after all. And which sometimes begins and sometimes ends in marriage.


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