Pregnant pot | Bol’s marenda*

Bol, island of Brac


23.06. — 24.06.2017.

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Pregnant pot | Bol's marenda*

Pregnant pot or Trudna teća, is to many a favourite part of the Imena festival! In addition to promoting fresh-from-the-press books, enjoying concerts and participating in intelligent discussion, there is also the irreplaceable brunch called Trudna teća. Organizers will invite taverns and restaurants from all over the island to cook real, homemade meals to eat with a spoon. And why „pregnant pot“, you might ask? Well, because after eating, we all look a little bit pregnant!

Cooking for you on Friday, are:

Konoba Kopačina (Donji Humac)

OPG Kaštil Gospodnetić (Dol)

Pumparela (Bol)

Dječja folklorna skupina Bol

On Saturday, taste the food prepared by:

Restoran Ranč (Bol)

Restoran & Bar Vendetta by Vagabundo

Restoran Santo (Bol)

Zeleni banak | Braća Mikulić & gošće

Mario Pusa & Marin Estrada

Imena is the cultural festival that takes place every summer the past few years in Bol. In the words of the organizers, this festival „is the kind of multimedia-type meetings, which in a strong bond unites words, images, sounds and of course, the inevitable good food”. During the four days of socializing get to participate in a series of cultural events, multimedia collage, where everyone will find something for themselves.

CP: Maja Duka

Price: FREE



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