Presentation of a poetry collection at The National Library in Supetar

Supetar, island of Brac




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Presentation of a poetry collection at The National Library in Supetar

The National Library in Supetar invites you to a presentation of a poetry collection of the academic Jakša Fiamengo called „God’s Shade“, on Friday, 28.04.2017. Starting at 8 pm.

This interesting poetry collection is the twenty-fourth book by Jakša Fiamengo published by media „Christian present“  and signed by poet, critic and editor Božidar Petrač.

„Jakša Fiamengo today certainly belongs to a series of classics of Croatian poetry, that is, his poetry opus can be considered as a classic within contemporary Croatian poetry. Its basic thematic preoccupation becomes the maritime, seaside and parallel to it, naturally, as it fits the poet, firmly rooted in the south Croatian climate, but not only in its recognizable landscape and all that it creates, but also in its past and history, in its multicultural literary tradition, develops its vital, affirmative and optimistic sense of life, its hymn to life,  Croatian ancient times and traditions, but also the broad Mediterranean horizons, “ writes editor Bozidar Petrac.

Join us and listen to some of the most beautiful poetry there is about our island an culture!

*Text is taken from published public invitation to presentation of the book.

*Photo by @counselling

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