Public meeting concerning the beach Zlatni rat

Bol, island of Brac



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Public meeting concerning the beach Zlatni rat

We are inviting you to the public meeting concerning the Zlatni rat beach which will take place in Bol, on Friday. Situation is very complex, but lovely hosts from Villa Mira have summed it up for you very nicely. You can read their input here: „The fact is: we love & care about this place!The other fact is that despite the repeated reforms, anti-corruption strategies, and best practices recognised in procurement for Croatia, corruption is still present,and political influence continues to play a part in the procurement system. Even though the Public Procurement Act is promoting the use of the most economically advantageous tender criterion,in case of the tender procedure for Zlatni rat Beach, the least economically advantageous, suspicious company was awarded the bid for the next 15 years.

Long story short, we are supporting our local company because it is important for all of us who live and will remain in Bol, even in winter, when the sea is rough and there are no tourists around. It is important for the future of our island, our region and for the future of the generations. Zlatni rat belongs to the people of Bol & we belong to Zlatni rat!“

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