Torcida Brač Kup

Supetar, island of Brac



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Torcida Brač Kup

The KNH Torcida Brač has organized a small tournament called „Torcida Brač Kup“ for the fourth year in a row. The purpose of this event in the recent years was to help the people affected by the floods in Slavonia, helping the inhabitants of our island suffering from cancer, and the last years of action for the reconstruction of the Vukovar water tower. These actions are only a continuation of many years of work by KNH Torcida Brač in this field and, in addition to the active support of HNK Hajduk Split and the work on the overall development of sports and youth education, is the foundation of our existence.

All the proceeds of this year’s tournament are intended for the creation and restoration of all the graffiti of Hajduk and Torcida, which will enrich the local community in the whole island of Brač and adapt the rooms of the KNH Torcida Brač, where fans of all generations gather from every place on the island. Our wish is that every village, village and town on the island has its own wall dedicated to our favorite Hajduk, Torcida and Heroes of the Homeland War without which we would not have our homeland today.

The tournament will be held on 10th of June (Saturday) at Mali Plac in Supetar, starting at 6pm.

Payments can be made to the account of KNH Torcida Brač – IBAN: HR7123400091110569411 with the indication „Torcida Brač Cup-donation“ or direct donation during the tournament, on the provided and adequately marked place.

Mali Plac


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