Firmir Rent Supetar – Rent a bike

Various models branded Cube and Trek

Supetar, island of Brac


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Firmir Rent Supetar - Rent a bike

Various models branded Cube and Trek

Getting around the island of Brač on a bike is a pleasure for all senses, both on marked paths or through the old town streets which will introduce you to the rich culture, traditions and gastronomy of the island.

We offer more than 50 bikes – various models branded Cube and Trek.

Optional equipment according to your needs Possibility of daily or weekly rent Affordable price and high-quality bicycles Guaranteed fun Bike tour Brac

Specials – driving around the island in just one day with a guide and a car equipped to transport bicycles.

Half-day excursion to the vidova gora – highest peak on Brac Half-day excursion to the Bol (Zlatni Rat Beach)

Ranges from Supetar (start)

Some of destinations:

Road to Vidova gora Bol ( Zlatni rat) Road to Bol Nerežišća Milna


CP: Freni Opačak

WH: 08-23h

00385 95 521 76 11

Address: Ratac 1

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