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Supetar, island of Brac



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Karijola adventure travel

Just for a moment, forget everything you know so far about the traveling, relax and let Karijola adventure travel take you through a whole new experience. Through hiking around the island, they’ll get you out of the everyday life and familiarize you with island Brač, its natural and cultural beauty, people, their customs and culinary specialties. This mode of travel allows you to get to know the local people in their everyday situations, but at the same time do good for yourself and your health. With a local travel guide who knows the place like his own pocket, there’s nothing else you need, other than comfortable shoes and a little adventurous spirit. Leave the rest to them.

We suggest you to experience the island on a unique hiking tour through the olive gardens.

Their trips are organized in small groups of about 10 to 15 people, with local guides who know the country and who are available for you 24 hours a day. Tours are tailored to suit people of every age and capability, so what you need is just a bit of adventurous flair, and they shall see to your desires and requirements.

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Address: Ive Vojnovića 2

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