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M&B rent specializes in renting cars, mopeds, or boats. It is located in Supetar where you can directly take a car as soon as you step off the ferry boat. If you are planning to stay a few days on the island, renting a vehicle is a great way to discover the island whether you are traveling with a family, partner, friends, or alone. M&B has a wide selection of cars, even hybrid cars and for any vehicle, there is a 50% discount on ferry tickets.

CHOOSE BETWEEN DIFFERENT TYPSE OF VEHICLES | Quadricycle | Scooter | Supermini | Family car | Minivan | SUV | Cabrio car | Boat


Supetar, Hotel Kaktus

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Milna, ACI Marina Milna

Milna, Gava Resort

Postira, Hotel Lipa

Supetar Port 2

Always Fresh & Clean | To enjoy your holidays, you need to feel like you are at home, only better and without the stress from work. That is why M&B rent always keeps their fleet clean and spotless, for your maximum comfort.

Always On Time | Time is of the essence when you are on holiday, and transport should be a time saver. They want to make sure that you have fewer delays possible by always servicing your transport needs on time.

Regularly Serviced | Engine failures and malfunctions aren’t something you should think about on a vacation. We are even sorry for mentioning this here, but we want to make sure that you know they service our vehicles regularly.

Child-Friendly | M&B rent is a family company, and they know how it is to care for a family. MB Rental takes care of customers like family members, making sure that all of their vehicles are as safe for children as it is possible.

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WH: 07 - 22h

+385 (0)91 250 9491

Address: Porat 2

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