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Dračevica, island of Brac

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Senjković wines

Senjković family is one of those families you fall in love with and whose enthusiasm stays with you long after you’ve left the island. Their charming winery, located in the very heart of the island, is a result of a great passion for each bottle of wine they produce. Selecting only the best grapes, carefully aged in oak barrels and creating stunning labels, they fulfill all the criteria of an amazing wine tasting experience!

Try all of the highest quality wines – BOSSO and BROČKA RIČ (plavac) and SPOŽA (rosé). We suggest you get yourself a copy of Brač Pass to get some extra wine to taste while you’re in Senjković winery.

Advance reservation required!

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CP: Magdalena Senjković

WH: Reservations needed!h

+385 (0)98 461 506

Address: Dračevica 51

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