1. Klapa Šufit (31.07.2018.)

    Klapa Šufit
    Sutivan welcomes famous klapa Šufit from Split! They will be performing on the Sutivan's promenade, starting at 20.00. There is no entrance fee! Klapa Šufit is a cultural - artistic association from Split, Croatia. It is a group of male singers who perform klapa music, a cappella multi-part singing, in a special traditional way, typical for Dalmatia, Croatia. In the autumn of 1992 in the attic of Split’s 4th Gymnasium "Marko Marulić", the young and talented music professor mr. Tomislav... Learn More

    Ort: Postira

  2. Mahrinac 2017 (04.08.2018.)

    Mahrinac 2017
    It's hard to explain Mahrinac and especially Zoduha behind it. It is a party, yes, it is in Pučišća, yes, and it has a charity note to it. That's about all we can say which would make sense to you, as a foreigner. However, this party is like no other, and the organizers behind are also like no other. They are members of an amateur... Learn More

    Ort: Pučišća

  3. Ljetno kino band in Pučišća (05.08.2018.)

    Ljetno kino band in Pučišća
    Ljetno kino is a wonderful local band performing tonight at KO-TO, famous coffee shop and bar in Pučišća! Admission is free so stop by for a beer and enjoy this great band! See you there, starting around 8 PM. Bring great spirit!   Photo source: Looker Weekley Learn More

    Ort: Pučišća

  4. Brač regatta (09.08.2018.)

    Brač regatta
    You don’t have to wait long for another party to start after Ultra Europe, as you can join us on an exclusive Regatta Party on the heavenly island of Brač, where you will party on Bol, probably the most legendary beach of the whole Adriatic Coast. To learn more about Destination Ultra 2017, visit   This event is an after party of the famous... Learn More

    Ort: Bol

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