1. Spiritual & recreational camp for young people (05.08. — 11.08.2019.)

    Spiritual & recreational camp for young people
    The program is conceived as a spiritual recreational camp for young people. The camp site is the remains of the ancient priestly desert. The space itself imposes a camp program. The working part refers to reconstruction of the drywall, cleaning and landscaping, and the contribution to ensuring the necessary living conditions in the camp. Spiritual work focuses on revealing the depths of one's own heart,... Learn More

    Ort: Bol

  2. Assembly of Štambuks (10.08.2019.)

    Assembly of Štambuks
    Štambuk Society invites you to join the assembly and celebration on the occasion of 305th anniversary of the document bearing the name Štambuk. Štambuk is a very renowned and large family, with many members across the world, but originating from Selca, Brač. Activities take place on Sunday, August 6th, at 20h in Selca. Program schedule 20:00 - Mass in Krista Kralja Church 21:00 - Gathering of guests... Learn More

    Ort: Selca

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