1. Olive Wood Souvenirs Oliver

    Olive Wood Souvenirs Oliver
    We like to say - when in China, buy Chinese. When on Brač, support local manufacturers and buy local souvenirs! And here is one we really like - Mojmir produces amazing objects out of carved olive wood. Brač is well known for its olive oil production, but that is not all you can do with this amazing plant! We suggest you stop by Olive wood souvenir... Saznaj više

    +385 (0)95 908 1511

    Lokacija: Supetar

  2. Grikula family business

    Grikula family business
    Grikula family successfully runs many different business. They own a restaurant, olive oil factory, accommodation renting, night club managing, souvenir shop, boat rentals, and one that is probably the most popular - their bakery!  They also rent boats and organize scuba lessons, since the son in law is an experienced apneist! During summer night you may enjoy their delicious donuts, freshly baked and sold in... Saznaj više

    RV: 09-24h

    +385 (0)98 942 4007

    Lokacija: Pučišća

  3. Azzurro olive shop

    Azzurro olive shop
    Ovaj simpatčni mali dućan, Azzurro Olive shop, se nalazi u samom centru Supetra. Uređen je u skladu s tradicijom otoka Brača. U ponudi je širok asortiman domaćih proizvoda pravoga okusa Dalmacije. Možete besplatno kušati njihove proizvode, razne vrste maslinovog ulja, domaće pekmeze, arancine (tradicionalni dalmatinski slatkiš) i još puno toga. A osim užitaka za vaše nepce, možete pronaći i užitke za vašu kožu - u obliku... Saznaj više


    Lokacija: Supetar

  4. Stina Vinarija

    Stina Vinarija
    The island of Brač is unique and famous for its white stone, but also for numerous artists who lived and created on the island. This is why we chose the name STINA (stone) for our wine. In the Dalmatian dialect, this word means stone, the strongest symbol of the island Brač. These wines are an inspiration. They awaken the creative spark that chisels a sculpture from a block of... Saznaj više

    +385 (0)21 306 220

    Lokacija: Bol

  5. Kolona suveniri

    Kolona suveniri
    Kolona suveniri prčaju priču o kamenom otoku. Kameni stup iznikao iz otoka Brača – otok kamena i tradicije kamenoklesarstva. Posjetite ih, odmah na supetarskoj rivi, i čujte priču koju vam otok poručuje, priču suvenira i ljubavi ljudi koji je udahnjuju u jedan od najljepših suvenira Hrvatske. U ponudi imaju širok izbor suvenira, do unikatnog nakita, svijećnjaka i satova do mužara, zdjela i kamenica raznih dimenzija.... Saznaj više


    Lokacija: Supetar

  6. Senjković vina

    Senjković vina
    Senjković family is one of those families you fall in love with and whose enthusiasm stays with you long after you've left the island. Their charming winery, located in the very heart of the island, is a result of a great passion for each bottle of wine they produce. Selecting only the best grapes, carefully aged in oak barrels and creating stunning labels, they fulfill all the... Saznaj više

    RV: Reservations needed!h

    +385 (0)98 461 506

    Lokacija: Dračevica

  7. Puška stone souvenirs (Supetar shop)

    Puška stone souvenirs (Supetar shop)
    If we'd have to choose only one thing to present island Brač, it would be the stone. This nature's gift keeps on giving and makes the best resource for many different things - it is used as building material, also for the production of charming jewelry or fancy house supplies such as clocks, ashtrays, vases, bowls and many other! And where else to get some... Saznaj više

    RV: 9-21h

    Lokacija: Supetar

  8. Puška stone souvenirs

    Puška stone souvenirs
    If we'd have to choose only one thing to present island Brač, it would be the stone. This nature's gift keeps on giving and makes the best resource for many different things - it is used as building material, also for the production of charming jewelry or fancy house supplies such as clocks, ashtrays, vases, bowls and many other! And where else to get some... Saznaj više

    RV: 9-21h

    Lokacija: Pučišća

  9. Kameni suveniri Novaković

    Kameni suveniri Novaković
    Pučišća su obalni gradić i općina na otoku Braču u Hrvatskoj. Često se spominje kao jedno od najljepših sela u Europi. Poznat je po bijelom kamenu i lijepoj uvali Mnoge zgrade grade s lokalnim kamenom, pa su i brojni spomenici koji krase grad. Kamen je već dugo bio glavni dio Pučišćanske ekonomije i samoslike. Ovdje se nalazi Jadrankamen, najveća kamena kamenoloma u Europi, kao i jedina... Saznaj više

    RV: 07-23h

    +385 99 516 1111

    Lokacija: Pučišća

  10. Jakšić galerija

    Jakšić galerija
    Jedinstvena obitelj Jakšić ponosi se sa 4 akademski obrazovana umjetnika/ce, koji svoje radove izlažu u Galerijama Jakšić - jednoj na Braču i jednoj u Splitu. Prvu izložbu u galeriji održao je meštar Lovre prije više od 50 godina. Bračka galerija Jakšić nalazi se u dvorištu obiteljske kuće u Donjem Humcu. Projektirao ju je i izgradio Dražen, također člana obitelji, u suradnji s arhitektom Jerkom Rošinom. Danas galerija prikazuje... Saznaj više

    RV: 09-21h

    +385 (0)98 701 903

    Lokacija: Donji Humac

  11. Suvenirnica Postira

    Suvenirnica Postira
    This souvenir shop is located in the heart of Postira. They offer you many homemade products, a whole palette of their homemade virgin olive oil, stone and wood souvenirs. Their goal is to create an original product of the island, which guarantees that the customers always get quality products, made with organic and integrated manufacturing methods, protected geographical indications and traditional way of preparation, with... Saznaj više


    Lokacija: Postira

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Ok, so I got to the island. What now?

Ah, our favourite question. 🙂 Here are just some ideas!

#1 EAT.

We’ve gathered only the best of the best restaurants, taverns, farms etc. to give you the opportunity to enjoy only the best island food, made from fresh, local ingredients. Check out our selection at gastronomy section of our website.


Do as locals do – eat well, sleep well! Again, only the best of Brač accommodation awaits you on our website, gathered under Accommodation section. Feel like royalty while you’re here!


There’s so much to see and do, all around Croatia, this truly amazing country. But, there’s even more of this awesomeness on island Brač! Here you’ll find dragons, Hercules, night sailing, poetry reading, electric dancing, graffiti painting, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it! So, here’s an idea. Browse through or culture section, plan some morning activities, go swimming in some of our beautiful villages, and the check the calendar to plan your night!


You want more? Glad to hear it, cause there’s always something else to do on Brač! Choose your adventure, book a boat, safari tour, sightseeing or something more dangerous – Brač has it all!


To enjoy yourself to the fullest, get yourself a copy of Brač Pass – interactive tour guide, with lots of discounts, interesting facts and prizes you can win!

* For getting around the island, we suggest using the local transportation. Click here for online booking with a discount!

I really want to visit Brač! How do I do that?!

Brač is an island which can be reached by sea and air. Here are some basics.

BY SEA ///

There are two ferry lines connecting Brač with a land.

First is in Supetar, connecting Brač with Split, and the second is on Sumartin, connecting Brač with Makarska. There is a third port that can be reached by regular local boat lines, and that is Bol, on the south part of the island. Here, you can reach Brač from Split, or from a neighbouring island Hvar. More information about ferry lines and timetables you may find here.

Also, if you own or rent boats, you may just sail into any place on island Brač. We suggest Brač Deluxe for transfers!

BY AIR ///

Brač has its own small airport, situated in the middle of the island. More and more flights are introduced each year, and all the necessary information you may find on the airport’s website. If you need transportation from the airport to any other place on the island, may we suggest contacting some of the #bestofbrac service providers, such as Taxi Peša, Brač DeluxeRent a Motorino or M&B rent. Check them out!

Once you’re on the island, rent a car, use taxis or local transportation. For online booking with discount, click here.


Najbolje od Brača na jednom mjestu!