1. Milna’s municipality day & fjera (16.07.2018.)

    Milna’s municipality day & fjera
    On Monday, July 16th, the municipality of Milna celebrates its day and the resurrection of Our Lady of Carmel. The festive celebration this day begins at 7 pm with a Holy Mass and procession in the parish church of Our Lady of Blessing. The program is then moved to Žalo, where you will be able to see what Milna's associations and OPGs (family farming business)... Learn More

    Location: Bobovišća

  2. Magazin in Postira (16.07.2018.)

    Magazin in Postira
    Group Magazin will perform live 16/07/2018 at the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel at the Little Bridge in Postira on the island of Brač, starting at 22h. Learn More

    Location: Postira

  3. Evening of klapa song | Klapa Mrduja (17.07.2018.)

    Evening of klapa song | Klapa Mrduja
    Popular Brač klapa Mrduja sings old Dalmatian melodies, followed by the guitar and mandolin. Sometimes they even sing remakes of old popular domestic Dalmatian hits. Hear them in Supetar!   Klapa Mrduja was named after a small island in Splitska vrata situated between Šolta and Brač. To Mrduja is related a funny legend about the quarrel between Brač and Šolta inhabitants: They argued whose Mrduja... Learn More

    Location: Supetar

  4. UZMAH | International music school (19.07. — 30.07.2018.)

    UZMAH | International music school
    For many years now, a great music school comes to life on the west coast of the island Brač, thanks to UZMAH international school. This is your chance to apply to participate in the new season of workshops! The dates of the course are 19 through 30 July, 2018. The deadline for receipt of all materials is Friday, 23 February, 2018. Participants accepted into the course... Learn More

    Location: Bobovišća na moru

  5. Mike Vale & Weiss @ 585 club (19.07.2018.)

    Mike Vale & Weiss @ 585 club
    Mike Vale & Weiss will perform this summer at 585 Club! This summer as promised will be huge. We're proud to announce this incredible artists. 🙌 Mike Vale ______________________________________________________ Be it for a never-ending string of his chart-topping production(s) and remixes, studio partnerships with legends such as Roger 'The S Man' Sanchez and Umek, his killer DJ-sets from Ultra Europe to Ministry of Sound and Carl Cox’s Revolution at... Learn More

    Location: Bol

  6. Nocturnal four | an amazing jazz experience (19.07.2018.)

    Nocturnal four | an amazing jazz experience
    Tourist board of Sutivan is inviting you to a truly amazing jazz experience, which will take place on July 19th, in Sutivan.  It is the touring project of Zjaca’s and Bedetti’s new album "Life on Earth", recorded with multi-Grammy winner Antonio Sanchez on drums and great Hammond organ player Renato Chicco ,  bringing together a collection of the best original compositions of the two leaders. “Life on Earth”... Learn More

    Location: Sutivan

  7. Mad Catz (19.07.2018.)

    Mad Catz
    An amazing young band Mad Catz will be performing in Povlja on July 19th, starting at 8 PM, at the promenade. Dance the night away with the Mad Catz! In early 2013, four young musicians in love with the old rock and rolls of the '50s,' 60s and '70s of the last century, known as rockabilly, gathered in their desire to have their positive energy... Learn More

    Location: Povlja

  8. Fjera in Donji Humac | DIKTATORI (26.07.2018.)

    Fjera in Donji Humac | DIKTATORI
    To celebrate Fjera (festival) Sv. Ana in Donji Humac, on July 26th, at 6PM there will be a mass service at St. Fabian and Sebastian Church. After the mass, come to the Pjaca Square to listen to popular music by Diktatori. Music will go on until the morning! Source: Nerezica Municipality   Learn More

    Location: Donji Humac

  9. Mahumt Orhan performing in Bol (26.07.2018.)

    Mahumt Orhan performing in Bol
    Mahmut Orhan is a Turkish DJ and producer.[1] His works are mainly in Deep House, Indie Dance and Nu Disco. In a January 2017 interview with the Turkish daily Sabah, Orhan related that he started working with music in Bursa at the age of 15 and moved to Istanbul to work at a Bebek nightclub in 2011. He also named Timișoara's Epic Society as his favorite venue. His first hit was... Learn More

    00 385 91 233 3471

    Location: Bol

  10. Night of the Soline | Milo Hrnić & band (28.07.2018.)

    Night of the Soline | Milo Hrnić & band
    Night of Soline (Solinska noć) is a traditional event, and one of the best parties in Pučišća, which takes place in Pizzeria Marin, each summer, at the end of July or beginning of August. This year, event will be accompanied by the performance of Milo Hrnić and his band! Join the people of Pučišć, have some pizza or Brač specialties - lamb, cheese, prosciutto, or just... Learn More

    Location: Gornji Humac

  11. Marko Škugor / Concert of one of the best Croatian tenors! (29.07.2018.)

    Marko Škugor / Concert of one of the best Croatian tenors!
    Marko Škugor is one of the best Croatian tenor, which is often called the "Croatian Jose Carreras'! He began to sing in a klapa. He sang in Kampanel and Maslina, and in 2013 as a soloist and first tenor represented Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Mižerja". With the song "Srića moja" he sailed into solo career, and since then has released several... Learn More

    Location: Selca

  12. Klapa Šufit @Postira (31.07.2018.)

    Klapa Šufit @Postira
    Postira welcomes famous klapa Šufit from Split! They will be performing on the Postira's promenade, starting at 20.30, on July 31st. There is no entrance fee! Klapa Šufit is a cultural - artistic association from Split, Croatia. It is a group of male singers who perform klapa music, a cappella multi-part singing, in a special traditional way, typical for Dalmatia, Croatia. In the autumn of 1992 in the attic of Split’s 4th Gymnasium "Marko Marulić", the young and talented music... Learn More

    Location: Postira

  13. Voi’sa #2018 | Urban music festival (02.08. — 04.08.2018.)

    Voi’sa #2018 | Urban music festival
    Voi'Sa festival has been shaking things up for seven summers and is comig back to bring you more, next August, on an idyllic and well known location –Acapulco beach in Supetar! This music festival is a well proven mix of eclectic music, beautiful location, sound of waves and hot summer nights! All lovers of good music and beach party should know this is the best place to spend... Learn More

    00 385 (0)91 586 72 35

    Location: Supetar

  14. Sumartin’s festivity | Our Lady of Angels (02.08.2018.)

    Sumartin’s festivity | Our Lady of Angels
    On August 2nd, in Sumartin we are celebrating Our Lady of Angels. Festivity includes religious services and procession starting at 18:30h, open air markets and party in the evening with live music, restaurants and cafes open till early morning hours. JOIN US AND ENJOY!! Photo by Iva Hafner Learn More

    Location: Sumartin

  15. Mahrinac 2018 (04.08.2018.)

    Mahrinac 2018
    It's hard to explain Mahrinac and especially Zoduha behind it. It is a party, yes, it is in Pučišća, yes, and it has a charity note to it. That's about all we can say which would make sense to you, as a foreigner. However, this party is like no other, and the organizers behind are also like no other. They are members of an amateur... Learn More

    Location: Pučišća

  16. Croatian divas in Supetar (05.08.2018.)

    Croatian divas in Supetar
    For the past 6 years Supetar has been celebrating National Thanksgiving, Victory and Croatian defender’s day with the concert of Croatian divas. So far we all had a privilege of seeing  and listening to Tereza Kesovija, Jasna Zlokić, Josipa Lisac, Radojka Šverko and Zorica Konđa in front of the parish church in Supetar. Keep an eye on this page, because we will soon publish this... Learn More

    Location: Supetar

  17. Ljetno kino band in Pučišća (05.08.2018.)

    Ljetno kino band in Pučišća
    Ljetno kino is a wonderful local band performing tonight at KO-TO, famous coffee shop and bar in Pučišća! Admission is free so stop by for a beer and enjoy this great band! See you there, starting around 9 PM. Bring great spirit!   Photo source: Looker Weekley Learn More

    Location: Pučišća

  18. Toolroom celebrating 15th birthday on Brač (09.08.2018.)

    Toolroom celebrating 15th birthday on Brač
    Toolroom’s birthday celebrations this year will span the entire globe. One of the most genuinely international brands in electronic music, they’ll be visiting the Toolroom Family across the world with a mammoth 15-date tour. 585 club on island od Brač is one od the host of this tour. Tickets are available here at the price of 100 HRK or 13 €. Learn More

    Location: Bol

  19. Ultra regatta 2018 (09.08.2018.)

    Ultra regatta 2018
    You don’t have to wait long for another party to start after Ultra Europe, as you can join us on an exclusive Ultra Regatta Party on the heavenly island of Brač, where you will party on Bol, probably the most legendary beach of the whole Adriatic Coast. __________ Headliner: SIGALA Support: Plastik Funk Rewire Varski __________ To learn more about Destination Ultra 2018, visit Learn More

    Location: Bol

  20. DJ PAOLO BARBATO (15.08.2018.)

    Speaking of house and artists that have defined the scene in the Northern Adriatic, you can’t pass Paolo Barbaro, a DJ, producer and through the 90s owner of then very important record shop Dance All Day, who has influenced generations of peers and music lovers on the four-border area between Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. After more than 30 years behind the decks and dedicating... Learn More

    00 385 91 233 3471

    Location: DJ PAOLO BARBATO

  21. The Shapeshifters performing in Bol (16.08.2018.)

    The Shapeshifters performing in Bol
    Behind the names of Shapeshifters are the duo Max Reich and Simon Marlin, who in 2003 published their hit "Lola's Theme" with a perfect blend of modern sound and nostalgia and won prestigious venues on all of the world's top clubs and radio top lists. "Lola's Theme", with the imposition of new standards, has received support from the most feared supporters of the house.  ... Learn More

    00 385 91 233 3471

    Location: Bol

  22. MUSICAL TREAT | Luka and friends (18.08.2018.)

    MUSICAL TREAT | Luka and friends
    Luka Norac, Martina Ivčević and Duje Stanić are young musicians who will present us a concert of classical music "Luka and friends". They picked up Luka Norac, by Pučišćanin's mother. Luke wants to share our love of music with us by giving us this concert. Saxophone | Luka Norac, II. year of the Academy of Music in Zagreb Piano | Martina Ivčević, II. year of... Learn More

    Location: Pučišća

  23. Discover, Release & Play | Jazz & Latin Workshop with Maja Savic (21.08. — 31.08.2018.)

    Discover, Release & Play | Jazz & Latin Workshop with Maja Savic
    Join us for a Jazz & Latin Vocal Workshop in Bol, on the beautiful island of Brač with a jazz vocalist and a holistic voice coach - Maja Savic.   PROGRAM You will work on 1-2 individual songs which you will perform on 2-3 venues and different occasions, so you can use your skills immediately. The singers will also prepare a group piece for the... Learn More

    Location: Bol

  24. Pete Tong at 585 club (24.08.2018.)

    Pete Tong at 585 club
    Pete Tong will perform at 585 Club, on August 24th, starting at 23.00h! Will you be there? There are few individuals in the world of dance music who can claim the kind of influence Pete Tong has had over the last twenty years. As the voice of Radio 1’s prestigious dance programming, Pete has held a commanding presence over the industry for more than two decades. His... Learn More

    Location: Bol

  25. Jakša Jordes @585 club Bol (28.08.2018.)

    Jakša Jordes @585 club Bol
    Jakša Kriletić Jordes was born in Split, grew up on the island of Korčula, Lumbarda and currently lives in Zagreb. In his early childhood he discovered love for music and desire to form his own band. After he finished primary school in Lumbarda, he continued his education in music schools in Split and Dubrovnik. First instruments he learned to play were mandolin and clarinet. After graduating from... Learn More

    00 385 91 233 3471

    Location: Bol

  26. DJ David Morales at 585 club (30.08.2018.)

    DJ David Morales at 585 club
    Dj David Morales will perform this summer at 585 Club on top of the Golden horn beach in Bol! Party will take place on August 30th, make sure you get your tickets on time! Dance music in the second decade of 2000 is about one word – BIG. However, the global sensation and penetration of dance music into top 40 radio would not have been possible without... Learn More

    Location: Bol

  27. BolSoul festival (29.09. — 06.10.2018.)

    BolSoul festival
    From September 29th to October 6th 2018, Bol will host a great musical event - BolSoul festival! SOUL • HOUSE • JAZZ • RE-EDITS & REMIXES Organizers are offering  one week (7 nights) holiday at the 4 star Elaphusa Hotel in Bol from a stunning £399.00 per person (ex flights). The package includes the following:  + 1 x Luxury Room (sleeps 2-3 people per room) + Half-board... Learn More

    Location: Bol

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